A Love Letter to Dresses with Pockets

I’ve had many material loves. Gray Sweaters. Scarves. Polka dots.


But nothing has held my heart as strong and as fast as pockets. To be more specific, pockets in dresses. (Also, in close second, pockets in skirts.)

If we’re being totally honest, no person has ever lit me up inside the way that discovering pockets in a cute and affordable dress has. That moment of realization that the clothing gods have smiled down on you is like nothing else. (Finding the perfect slice of pizza is a close second, but I imagine that’s a discussion for another time.)




There’s something magical and indescribable about discovering that a designer took into account that women, too, like putting shit in pockets. That women enjoy having the ability to carry a few items without schlepping a purse that is definitely going to leave some marks on your shoulder. That women might appreciate a small percentage of the storage capacity that men take for granted. (Having you seen men’s cargo pants? Why do they need six pockets? What are they carrying?)




So why exactly do pockets have a monopoly on my heart and clothing preferences?

Having pockets in unexpected articles of clothing is incredibly freeing. It means I’m not tethered to a purse or wallet, constantly worrying about setting it down somewhere and forgetting it. It means I don’t have to use my cleavage as a makeshift wallet. I’m sure cashiers everywhere are grateful that they don’t have to handle the sweaty tens I used to shove in my bra before heading into a concert. And, yes, you could ask Well why didn’t you just wear pants then? but, damn it, the ability to wear a cute dress or skirt shouldn’t come at the expense of carrying ability.

It gives me more opportunities to win riddle competitions with “What do I have in my pocket?” The answer is never “the one ring to rule them all,” but it’s also never “nothing.” (Mostly it’s quarters. Or lipstick.)

You know those awkward conversations when you aren’t sure what to do with your hands? Do you cross your arms? Loosely clasp them in front of you? Run a hand through your hair like that’s a thing normal people do multiple times during conversation? The option to casually stick my hands in my pockets so that no one sees my anxiety is a big plus.

Until I started college, I wasn’t one for dresses. I lived in jeans and T-shirts and had no desire to branch out. And then I found a dress with pockets and everything changed. Now, basically, if I try on a dress and it turns out to have pockets, nine times out of ten I’m going to buy it. As much to soothe my unending desire to stock my wardrobe with a truly obscene number of pocketed dresses as to encourage designers to create more dresses like that and for stores to carry them. I’m putting my money where my mouth is.



Seven dresses, seven skirts (two not pictured, but they exist)

I think all good love letters should end on a high note. Something to prove that you’re in this for the long haul. As such, I’ve scoured the internet to find a range of dresses featuring pockets, most of which I’d make my Valentine, if only my wallet would let me.

JerseyDress-H&MH&M. Totally attainable. I’m not saying shove your phone and three lipstick options in there, but it’s good enough to hold your ID and some cash. If you’re not driving, what more do you need when you’re on the go?


Charles Henry. Aside from the elastic waistband, this is pretty damn cute.


Kate Spade. I need this in my life and on my body asap. Those pockets look sturdy enough to at least hold my phone in addition to some sundry items.



Alexander McQueen. Totally not attainable, but I’d give a kidney for this. The pockets are kind of a moot point, though, since I assume at this price point a bag boy comes with delivery.


To close, as modest proof that I am not alone in pocket adoration, I present Gina Rodriguez and Blake Lively. Look at the sunshine smile on Gina’s face. The reason? Her gorgeous dress (which I would absolutely spend several paychecks to own) has pockets. Glorious, item-holding pockets.


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Absolute magic. #goldenglobes

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The look on Blake Lively’s face is also surely due to the intense satisfaction of slipping her hand into a pocket of her very own and is in no way related to her being that close to her smokin’ hot husband, Ryan Reynolds. She is living the dream: dresses with pockets and a stunning partner to hold her things as necessary.




I’m not saying that committing to a dresses-with-pockets lifestyle will immediately make your life better, improve your general mood, and help that you snag that hottie you’ve been eyeing at the coffee shop, but it definitely doesn’t hurt. So, next time you’re at the mall, keep an eye peeled and you might just find your perfect dress with perfect pockets to match.


much love,

a pocket addict


Jessika Rieck

Jessika Rieck

Jessika disapproves of nametags, a certain Dido song, period piece films (except for Belle; that can stay), British literature, and many other things that probably bring you joy. She loves the phrase "tire fires," and wild owls flock to her wherever she goes, assisting with her daily chores. If you want to make her laugh, just mention "prancercise."
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