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Turn Up the Heat on Your Winter Wardrobe

7 Suggestions to Get Out of Those Sweatpants

Don’t you get tired of looking in the mirror and seeing the same old boring stuff you wore last winter? With these tips, you can put together some hot new looks to brave the cold. Read more.


Move Over Summer, Autumn Is Waiting

Aside from the sun beginning to feel a little less like the eye of Sauron, here are a few ways to tell that autumn is starting to gain some ground. Read more.


How to Turn that Summer Fling into an Autumn Romance

While we don’t recommend stalking your summer lover to their hometown if they’re not local (we can’t all be Sandy and Danny and live the plot of Grease), we do have some alternative go-big-or-go-home suggestions to help force that emotional bond so your summer fling can withstand the changing of the seasons. Read more.

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Summer Snack Defense Strategies

Ant/Bro-Proof Your Poolside Snacks

Here are some ways to remain unbothered by male and insect pestilence as you eat these delicious summer snacks. Read more.


Magical Swimsuits: Decoding Their Arcane Properties

As it turns out, there is magic in the madness under all those awkward cutouts

If you study the below examples, you, too, will be able to read between the hemlines to find the magical properties hidden in these seemingly bizarre swimsuit fashion choices. Read more.


Boss Witch Milestones for Every Crone

It's springtime, aka time to celebrate the small milestones on the path to becoming Head Crone in Charge. Read more.

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Now That’s What I Call Music! Vol. Apocalypse

When the apocalypse finally rages around us, we’ll need music to distract ourselves from the nightmares-turned-reality surrounding us in these trying times, and so I present Now That’s What I Call Music! Vol. Apocalypse. Read more.


UberEATS Compromises

You Can't Always Get What You Want

When a specific craving hits and there’s no real way to scratch that itch, what are you going to do? Sometimes we’ve just got to compromise and take what we can get. Read more.


Diverse Books on My Metaphorical Bookshelf

(In Case Your TBR List Is Looking a Bit Empty)

For 2017, my goal is to read more diversely. Hopefully this list (in no particular order) will motivate you to broaden your reading horizons, too! Read more.


A Field Guide to Spirits You Might Encounter as You Shuffle Along This Mortal Coil

(And How Best to Handle Them)

When we're devoting so much of our energy to fighting through the literal Hell on Earth that is America 2016, how are we to deal with the incorporeal beings who sometimes inconvenience us? The field guide below, while not comprehensive, should help point you in the right direction. Read more.

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