A Very Chilling Sabrina Roundtable: Episodes 7 & 8

Welcome to A Very Chilling Sabrina Roundtable: a recap series where we chat about the chills, thrills, and top shelf witchery in Netflix’s The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. This week, we shout about bad dads, the crone matriarchy, and living your life (as a willing human sacrifice) as we get one step closer to the season finale. 



Jenny: So the Feast of Feasts is my favorite episode

CC: I know we say this every time we cover one of these shows, but Everything Happens So Much

Jenny: i love thanksgiving
and this is like
the only real thanksgiving ep we’ve gotten from a cw show since gossip girl went off the air
but mostly



Jenny: i love a thanksgiving ep that dunks on colonialism like this

CC: yeah same
but at the same time, I feel like the Feast of Feast episode really starts to approach unpacking the patriarchal machine behind the entire witch society in this show

Jenny: oh you mean….



Jenny: @blackwood

Rachel: this was GREAT
i’m not normally pro-slut shaming but damn

CC: always down to @ blackwood

Jenny: i think a lot of the unpacking came in Dezmelda’s story



CC: love her

Jenny: like, the head of a church is a flawed human, with sins
def not divine



CC: ok but getting back to dezmelda
what a great crone aesthetic
now THIS
THIS is some full crone shit

Jenny: hell yes
love her
of course

CC: living in your damn hut with your spooky eye and your staff

Rachel: i was so bummed we didn’t get more time with her

Jenny: SAME

CC: she’s the mentor I think all of us want and need
teach me how to live dezmelda

Jenny: def
also worth mentioning
that bc she ran away as a child, she was never baptized/never signed her name away
so, like, really exited the Whole patriarchal machine

Rachel: woah that’s a good point!
also, this is a slight tangent but something I recently found out about
so apparently in ye olde Puritan times, when you formed a covenant with a Puritan church you signed a book
so signing the devil’s book was like the evil opposite

Jenny: WOAH!!!

Rachel: (shout out to Unobscured, a podcast all about the Salem witch trials that I have been devouring)

Jenny: oh shit yeah i’ve heard good things about that pod

CC: oh wow
I guess there’s more to this witch religion than Evil Dunking On Catholicism after all!

Jenny: lol yes
but to be fair, the whole Dezmelda story was a good dunk on catholicism



Jenny: people are terrible

CC: also to be fair, wasn’t puritanism supposed to also be an exercise in dunking on catholicism??

Jenny: lol

CC: but also, def agree on the dezmelda story feeding into that
what do yall think it Means that ms wardwell is bringing sabrina and co out to meet dezmelda and hear her story? like
I know she wants to give sabrina doubts
but do yall think there’s more going on there?
you think ms wardwell has Mr Evil Pope in her sights???
again: I am now caught up to where I had previously watched and don’t know how this season ends
so if there is a resolution on that one way or the other I don’t mind sidestepping for now

Jenny: well i def hope she has evil pope in her sights; we for sure know that they don’t get along
mostly i saw this as a way to help sabrina achieve her ends, so that sabrina would trust wardwell more
but also as an excuse to expose harvey/the kinkles as witch hunters
and thus break that bond down a little

CC: wardwell is so good at being a fake mentor

Jenny: SO GOOD
love that “well i do have a necromancy spell that is super simple and yields GREAT results; and yes it’s just in my office, casually, on this shelf. but you wouldn’t have any interest in that?? surely??”

CC: I can’t believe that worked

Jenny: honestly disappointed in sabrina for not seeing through it

Rachel: i mean that’s not the first time though
like when wardwell was like “wow you would not BELIEVE how scared of spiders the principal is”

Jenny: lol yes for sure

CC: I did get a kick out of wardwell basically being like “oh, this old thing??” re: that necromancy spell

Jenny: def def
and i like the idea that she’s going after evil pope
bc that guy for sure sucks



CC: the old ways, that do not put me in any danger and actually only benefit me, truly are best

Jenny: YES
the bastard

CC: in other news
another thing that is best
is giving me $20 bucks
just putting out that vibe into the world

Jenny: yeah
has he considered that
has he considered that it is maybe best to give you and also me $20??



Jenny: lol yes exactly
like, the mother of his child threw herself in a river bc he wouldn’t marry her
and i mean
maybe he didn’t throw her into that river himself
but i feel p confident in saying (based on how he’s treated people so far) that he probably could’ve handled that situation in a way that did not result in river throwing

CC: look: I feel like anyone would know on some level
that not marrying him might be
dodging a bullet, tbh
I do not believe she did the throwing, is what I am saying

Jenny: fair!
he IS garbage

Rachel: how do we feel about him being Prudence’s father???
like, it’s affect on her

CC: poor prudence

Rachel: it seemed to have a negative affect at first but in the next episode she references it pretty nonchalantly
idk, maybe I just don’t understand witch culture

Jenny: i read that mostly as being like, a validation
bc she knew she was great
and now she has some kind of social capital to support that??
idk idk
mostly i think they were trying to call back to the pilot when the aunts said that prudence was picking on sabrina bc she was the daughter of a high priest and that gave her a clout that they didn’t have, so they lashed out?

Rachel: that’s a good point!

CC: yeah I think that’s def possible

Jenny: i think that finding out that blackwood is her father maybe helped prudence’s confidence a little bit?
like she’s not focused so much on one-upping sabrina
and by allowing herself to see sabrina as an equal
she’s more willing to help her?
esp w the whole resurrection thing

CC: one thing I def wanna talk about real quick
is prudence’s character trajectory through that feast of feasts episode
going from really leaning in to this dangerous and terrifying ritual to allowing herself to doubt its legitimacy
with or without blackwood, that’s! a lot of growth!

Jenny: yeah!! and i think that she did a really good job of helping sabrina grow through that process too! like, pulling a lot of weight as a character that is her own but is also the protagonist’s foil!
this moment here
was really important!!
felt like a big moment for both of them!



Rachel: oh yeah def!!
love Prudence here

CC: Prudence is Great
also I like how she really just really lives her best life through the whole human sacrifice process

Jenny: oh HELL YES



Rachel: I appreciate how immediately Ambrose got onboard



Jenny: hard same
but also!



Jenny: what an incredible fanfic contrivance

Rachel: LOL

Jenny: like
these writers are having a great time
and i’m happy for them

CC: at the same time




Rachel: lol Nick

Jenny: yeah this guy ????

CC: I don’t think I * should * fault him for being such an opportunist
but at the same time…
I do and I won’t feel all that bad about it goddamn it!
idk! he skeeves me out!

Jenny: fair enough
he is not great

CC: every line of dialogue he gets just
no thank you

Jenny: lol
i will say in his defense
i’m not going to say yet that he’s a bad guy
like, i can’t tell how much of any vibe i get is foreshadowing or an unintended result of bad writing
ex: everything about sabrina’s dad??

CC: I don’t think he’s actually done anything wrong yet??? but I am WAITING for the moment when he invites sabrina to watch his terrible warlock improve troupe and I will feel So Validated when it happens



Jenny: and also:
everything about suzie’s ghost??



i do not know how to feel!!!

Jenny: yeah, like, i want to love dorothea, but at the same time she seems like a manifestation sent by wardwell
to, like, lead suzie into danger

CC: man I didn’t even think of that
I just thought
“oh welp, guess the veil is thin here lol”

Jenny: i mean that is totally possible
i think what got me was when suzie rushed into the mines



Jenny: and it’s like – yes, brave; and also no, you didn’t get hurt
but maybe that’s just a taste
so that you take a bigger risk later
idk idk
dorothea seems dope but i can’t trust anything

CC: i mean, we all know that ghosts aren’t real so this totally tracks
[finger guns]

Jenny: lol fair enough
speaking of things that aren’t real



Jenny: this argument is fake as fuck

Rachel: i don’t remember the context for this??

Jenny: it’s not murder
it’s ritual sacrifice

CC: sure pal

Rachel: oof ambrose, you should know better

Jenny: also! fully unreal/10000% lifted from a fanfic behavior coming out of ms wardell



CC: look, I can’t believe how baselessly confident this kid was lol
how this guy thought he was getting anything out of this exchange beyond, best case scenario, a 20% tip is beyond me
but I mean, good for you, kid, and also RIP

Jenny: honestly
repay that confidence with literal cannibalism
going back slightly
to a ms wardwell point
just as i can’t tell if dorothea checks out
bc, y’know, is it good writing or bad writing; it’s hard to know w/o the full context
i also cannot tell what these writers are doing with Roz’s blindness
like, at first, it’s HEAVILY implied that ms wardwell is making her go blind
but now
the whole family line was cursed bc they outed a witch??



CC: maybe she’s just accelerating it??

Jenny: ah



Jenny: and then she says that roz’s should be starting soon
and it does
so i’m v much prepared to chalk this one up to an old case of
“they wrote this after having only read the last episode”

Rachel: i’ll be real, i don’t remember how ms wardwell has a hand in roz’s blindness??
i am willing to chalk that up to “being old and slowing dying” though lol

Jenny: it was mostly in the cuts — like, ms wardwell had a voiceover about how she had special hardships in mind for each of sabrina’s friends, and the image was roz looking at her eyes in the mirror (from the banned books ep)
but it’s not super important, really
it’s mostly just an argument to support that i’m not ready to trust anybody

CC: I mean sometimes, though not often, life just gives you a hand and does the heavy lifting for you
and by life, I mean, and old curse by another witch hundreds of years beforehand

Jenny: lol def

CC: so there was SO MUCH to talk about in Feast of Feasts, but in our last few mins, I wanna touch on the next episode
I don’t have ttTTTHAT much to say about it, but
god damn I truly hate blackwell with every fiber of my being

Jenny: he is absolutely the worst



Jenny: oh boo hoo
my heavily preganant wife doesn’t want to sleep w me bc i keep cheating on her

Rachel: UGH

CC: IT’S THE OLDEST TRICK in the /r/relationships book
what a PRUDE

Jenny: i hate this



Jenny: i hate this so much

CC: ugh

Rachel: zelda!! you deserve better!!

Jenny: she does! actually!
she does deserve better!
and also!
she DOESN’T deserve



CC: he is trash
and deserves to get dunked on 250% more than he does
oh also, before we wrap up, to close out the other major thing that happens in the second episode
I am 100% anti death magic and I just
no thank you



Rachel: Sabrina ????

Jenny: i mean
she DID that
i a little bit loved it though

CC: I know I say this a lot
I love y’all so much and you are my dear friends, but I would never resurrect the dead for you; I hope you understand

Jenny: i do

Rachel: oh 100%
it never ever works
cain pit or not

CC: nobody ever just comes back okay
nobody’s ever like “wow thanks for bringing me back, I’m totally the same person you knew and loved”
caveat: unless you have like, the silver imperium crystal at your disposal
otherwise: ya burnt; sorry
burnt by life, I mean

Rachel: burnt by the afterlife
yeah i got so frustrated with sabrina about this!!
like!!! everybody is telling you this is a bad idea!!
except ms wardwell, i guess
but jeez

Jenny: i mean
even ms wardwell is like



Jenny: even though it IS v wink*wink
i think we’ve agreed that sabrina is NOT great at picking up on those vibes

CC: i guess we’ve all trusted those cheekbones 😥

Jenny: we all just need to listen to hilda more, tbh



Rachel: hilda is the one good northstar in your life Sabrina
literally the only person who knows things AND has fully good intentions
and no biases

CC: we don’t deserve her, truly

Rachel: ok y’all ready for final thoughts?

Jenny: def

Rachel: mine is, I cannot imagine how weird it would be to know there was an orgy going on in your house

Jenny: LOL

Rachel: and you’re just like, in your very cute pjs, trying to sleep
trying to go to snooze town
everybody else is in the bone zone

CC: gotta bang on the ceiling with a broom


CC: I can’t imagine that there is any volume discretion in a witch orgy tbh

Rachel: i just hope they were all safe and used protection
and also had a safe word

CC: truly you are the hilda of our coven rachel
always looking out for these these teens

Rachel: omg i have never been so flattered!!!!

Jenny: i mean if harry potter fan fic has taught me anything, it’s that there are definitely contraception spells


Jenny: thank
ok my final thought
is really just more praise for prudence
she finds out that she’s not an orphan
that her dad absolutely sucks
that her stepmom tried to kill her
and she’s just like



Jenny: i want to wear the dress, and i want to sit on the throne of skulls

Rachel: girl has her priorities

CC: also, jesus christ, to set your orgy to Fiona Apple’s “Criminal”
in the year of our lord 2018
she has really good taste in orgy playlists

Jenny: she knows what she wants

CC: my final thought is
blackwood’s whole entire deal is just profiting off of the pain and suffering of women 1000 times more talented than him and, well,


Rachel: lol bless u CC

Jenny: YES
bless cc and bless the salem puppet
all hail





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