A Very Chilling Sabrina Roundtable: Season 2, Episode 2

Welcome to A Very Chilling Sabrina Roundtable: a recap series where we chat about the chills, thrills, and top shelf witchery in Netflix’s The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. Welcome to TWO high school plays for the price of one; praise the dark lord one & all. Is Nick actually trustworthy??? How will Wardwell wreak vengeance upon Blackwood for making us watch the Warlock’s Rights Activist high school play version of her life??? Look, we don’t have the answers yet but join us as we start asking these truly important questions.

Jenny: so shall we start w a summary?
the school play episode?

CC: yeah – TWO school plays for the price of one!!!

Rachel: such a bargain

Jenny: we’ve got the classique — romeo and juliet, budding romance, is that the kissing scene? is that weird?? so sweet
and we’ve got the hellish inversion
blackwell, backed up and frustrated after zelda’s ultimatums, has poured all his pent-up energies into adapting the play for the children to perform, and he DOES NOT TAKE NOTES.

CC: this rarepair fanfic writer

Jenny: lololol truly

CC: “CCNW” (constructive criticism not welcome)
I feel bad for IRL Shirley Jackson tbh
I never want to be used as a tool for slutshaming, even after death

Jenny: she deserves better representation than this

Rachel: also, the devil is here to be a petty jerk and prove a point

CC: ya the other main thing in this ep was the devil and the devil’s estranged wife who wants to make it work strike up a bet on whether or not Sabrina will do crimes when prompted


Jenny: truly the pettiest shit

CC: LOL i loved it
I loved that it’s the best he can do as far as petty crimes

Jenny: tbh i was Very on board w the whole “deal w the devil” framework, but this — this was so silly

CC: I was expecting something cringier, like leaving a passive aggressive comment on an insta post but this is some classic low grade BS crime

Rachel: I really do feel for Lilith here

Jenny: for sure!
she’s getting a lot more sympathetic in this season

Rachel: she’s worked so hard to prove herself over the centuries
and this dude is just tossing her aside for a hot teen

Jenny: yeah
and like
she was a very capable and independent woman at one time
she could get back to being that person; i want to believe

CC: why do any of these women even deal with warlocks at all, is what i want to know
I mean like FINE, I GUESS that Nick might not be The Worst and Ambrose is usually p great but every other warlock is a trash bag brought to life by dark magic

Jenny: i mean
i think the answer lies somewhere in

Jenny: gotta have that d
(weak; lazy; but lol)

Rachel: love a good harlequin shoutout

CC: does that mean that lesbian witches are the most powerful of all???

Jenny: i think that is the only logical conclusion
but was it ever really in doubt?

CC: I mean where are all the lesbians, I want to know
I can’t imagine father fingernails over there is v keen on lesbians


CC: (LOL I just realized that joke works on two levels gross gross gross)

but speaking of representation
i’m a little mad
like A)

they’re riverdaling us!!!!

Jenny: the two of you have had sex before! last season! in the timeline of this show it was like three weeks ago!!
but also!!

Jenny: fuck you!!
just say the word!!

Rachel: ah i mean, yes, they definitely do need to Say It, but I get that they were going for a polyamory thing as well??
and with the tongue in cheek religious tie the joke makes sense

Jenny: fair enough fair enough but still — they made a big to do in the casting call for ambrose that he was to be a pansexual POC, but that’s the only place they say it?
not in the text of the show

CC: did somebody say pansexual


CC: (source: oh my god)

Jenny: but also idk idk — it’s definitely not nothing to see him experiencing attraction but for this show that just discovered feminism last week, it seems like queer representation 101
like, use the words the community uses
you know what was great though
hilda was great

CC: adopt me hilda


CC: ;o;
i love her

Jenny: she believes in friendship
she believes in mutual support

Rachel: she’s the only witch sabrina should be listening to and taking advice from

CC: literally the one and only

Jenny: v true

Jenny: wardwell
so wise
in a horrible and manipulative sort of way

CC: words to live by
i mean, sorta

Rachel: i was so sad seeing her watch the play

CC: GOD i know
It Messed Me Up

Jenny: i legit think i cried
watching her cry

CC: idk man I would hate for blackwood to make a high school play adaptation of my life either
i know that’s not why she was crying but still

Jenny: lololololol he was unbearable

Jenny: first one up to give a standing ovation of his own show
so bad

CC: i was so surprised he was really feelin it that much
I know how much he hates sabrina
you’d think it would temper his enthusiasm but I should have known he’d be mostly applauding his own ego

Jenny: well that and

Jenny: the chemistry was apparently undeniable
so much so that the dark lord had to send over congratulatory drinks with a message about it
which, like — gross

Rachel: that was so bizarre to me
why is he hanging around watching a school play

Jenny: lol right???

Rachel: like, don’t you have evil to be doing somewhere in the world
souls to torment or w/e

CC: the dark lord has entirely too much time on his hands

Jenny: truly

CC: one side note about the play
I LOVED that sabrina is basically wearing a wardwell wig
it’s straight up just wardwell’s aesthetic

Jenny: lolololololol

CC: her actual hairstyle, but the halloween wig version of it

Rachel: purchased from amazon dot com

Jenny: yeah no magic hair mask on this one

Rachel: the magic hair mask didn’t have prime shipping

Jenny: LOL


CC: ok i guess it’s not THAT bad
it’s not like, Bucky bad

Jenny: idk idk i just cannot wrap my head around what the budget is for this school play’s costume department
like — agatha is out here in this sexy sheer raven thing that is so clearly money
and sabrina is a weird nightgown with a ribbon on the front? and this silly wig?
where’s your consistency??
unless they had to make the costumes themselves??
that’s a scene i want to see, actually

Rachel: finally something sabrina is bad at
not a good tailor

Jenny: yes
would love to see nick really paying attention to the piping on that fancy doublet thing

CC: maybe they got the wig at the last minute like:
dorcas has long, red hair (I’m assuming bc it’s long enough to be in that updo) which is close enough to wardwell’s dark auburn hair
or closer than sabrina
maybe they had to get it through amazon now

Jenny: lololol and it’s so difficult to get the delivery drones to recognize these cursed interdimensional planes

CC: drones just can’t survive there

Jenny: i want to talk a little bit about nick
i am really coming around to him

Jenny: i feel like he maybe gets it

CC: i don’t trust him!!!!
I’m sorry!!!!
he SEEMS too perfect!!!!
i am doing my best to be cautiously optimistic bc I do not think this show is good at trickery

Jenny: LOL fair

CC: BUT idk! i can’t put my finger on it
he SEEMS like a good boy and I am just gonna wait and see

Jenny: i mean
i think part of what sold me this time was just

Jenny: he really seems like he could probably take direction well
and that’s important!

CC: maybe it’s just like!!! I want to believe in your allyship but I also think you just want sabrina to step on u

Jenny: eh why not both

CC: lol fair

Jenny: but now that we’ve talked about nick, i also want to talk about harvey
sweet, sweet, harv
really trying to move on

Rachel: trying like a lot

Jenny: establishing some boundaries!

Rachel: i don’t know, his brief make out sesh with Sabrina makes me doubt his intentions with Roz!

Jenny: ok yeah yeah very fair
it definitely felt weird just bc of how chaste everything was w them last season

Jenny: where did this come from??
is that what happens when you sign away your soul to the dark lord?
you just get really horny?

Rachel: i mean i guess that makes sense
i was surprised too!

Jenny: so many of the “tests” that sabrina was put through
the gum, the lead role, harvey
they seemed so easy to say no to??

CC: I was just chocking that one up to longing
like, wanting what you can’t have

Jenny: oh fair enough

CC: I’m sure that not being able to be together played into it

Jenny: yeah i didn’t see it in too harsh a light re: harvey’s intentions w roz
just bc i think a little backsliding is normal w exes?
esp when they’re both technically single
i’m willing to be p forgiving of that
esp considering how it ended?

Rachel: oh yeah i def think it’s over over

CC: i hope so
I think this show has moved beyond where I am rooting for them to end up together and towards me rooting for them to stay apart lol

Jenny: yeah for sure — i also just don’t think they had great chemistry?
idk idk i haven’t been super satisfied on that level from anyone (except hilda and dr. c)

CC: not nearly as much as he has with his actual RL GF lololololol

Jenny: oh def def
harvey and roz feel a lot more natural together

CC: so one thing i wanna mention real quick
on a very completely different subject
is theo’s plot this episode, using the boy’s locker room
(which, weirdly enough, had signage that looked like a sign for an old time burger restaurant??)

Jenny: oh yeah love that ketchup font

CC: I really HATE the trope that homophobes are really just running away from their own queerness
truly I do

CC: the vibe I am getting from this scene
is Peak No Dames

i mean
i think there was a part in season 1 where hilda outs one of these guys to the main shitty one?
(not a cool thing to do, hilda)
so that is already a garbage trope that this show has done — seems likely they’d do it again
but also i think we need more song and dance numbers, and this is a real wasted opportunity

CC: well
with all the plays in this episode
I guess it was appropriate that this would end with somebody

Jenny: lololololololololololol

Rachel: lol yes yes yes

Jenny: that was real gross though

Rachel: SO GROSS
i was very unhappy about that scene lol

Jenny: i mean — i’m v petty and i love to see revenge fantasies play out in controlled narrative settings, but it was still gorier than it needed to be


CC: did not need to see bone
no thx

Rachel: yes yes exactly

Jenny: y’all ready for final thoughts?

CC: i am
ok so my final thought is

CC: look at this reverse glow up

Rachel: LOL

i’ve been really trying to avoid spoilers, but god just you wait!!

CC: i hate the goat costume
it’s silly as hell

Jenny: it’s so bad
like, whenever it “talks”
looks so dumb

CC: it looks like a godzilla costume where you can see the zipper

Rachel: i appreciate the lack of special effects
but yeah it’s never like, super good lol

Jenny: oh yeah yeah but also like, lotr came out in like 2001 or some shit and the prosthetics on those orcs was great and also v scary?
like, it’s 2018 when this is being filmed
we have the technology
i just think that’s where they should’ve put the budget — instead of in, like, shitty wigs and plot lines that aren’t about hilda

CC: +1 where’s doc cerberus
gimme that werehunk

Jenny: YES

Rachel: omgggg

Jenny: i think THAT’S my final thought
it’s been TOO LONG
where is Dr. C??

CC: probably off with all the parents from riverdale that we can never find

Jenny: i don’t care about anything that’s happened in the past two eps as much as i care about dr. cerberus

Rachel: they can’t just have hilda kiss somebody at the end of season 1 and not immediately pick up from that in season 2
it’s not how this WORKS

Jenny: YES

CC: the only kiss i care about

Rachel: ok so my final thought
i am starting to feel real bad for Dorcas

Jenny: oh man

CC: cursed by her stupid name

Rachel: like she’s the Sarah Jessica Parker of this trio


Rachel: I just hope she finds some folks that are nice to her
maybe then she’ll start to be nice to others

Jenny: yeah
come on sabrina writers — give us that wholesome and supportive content

CC: starting over in a new town, with a new name……………


Rachel: somehow an improvement lol

CC: i feel like the sarah jessica parker of the trio for making that joke but oh well!
dorcas / salem 2020


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