Afterlife Snack

This article is part of the POMEmag Séance Theme Week.


Whether you’re a ghostly apparition or a mere mortal moving towards eternal decay, sit down and peruse this offering of internet goodness to nourish your immortal soul.



If you were a teen when My Chemical Romance’s “Welcome to the Black Parade” came out, then this news about Gerard Way and Steve Aoki getting together to remix that classic jam is gonna be big news to you.



This Fresh Air interview with Carrie Fisher got us pretty emotional. We love Carrie Fisher so much, and to hear such an inspiring woman talk so openly about her own insecurities evoked a lot of feelings in our wizened hearts.








The Sailor Moon nostalgia wave has been going strong for a good while now, but it may have reached a new peak – a new campaign is using the image of the Moon Princess to distribute condoms in a battle to fight rising rates of syphilis infection in Japan. Some people are uncomfortable with the junior high-schooler being used as a ‘campaign girl’ for STD prevention, which makes sense, although we are very onboard with the slogan “I will punish you if you don’t get tested!”



An article on tracing the origin of the term “politically correct” (summary: used sparingly and ironically by leftists and then transformed into a neoconservative straw man in the 90’s).

“If you search ProQuest, a digital database of US magazines and newspapers, you find that the phrase “politically correct” rarely appeared before 1990. That year, it turned up more than 700 times. In 1991, there are more than 2,500 instances. In 1992, it appeared more than 2,800 times. Like Indiana Jones movies, these pieces called up enemies from a melange of old wars: they compared the “thought police” spreading terror on university campuses to fascists, Stalinists, McCarthyites, “Hitler Youth”, Christian fundamentalists, Maoists and Marxists.”



The unsung woman artist behind our tarot cards –prolific illustrator and occultist Pamela Colman Smith!



With this Afterlife Snack to sustain you, go forward and wander this pale mortal coil. Shriek into the night and haunt the dreams of loved ones left behind. It’s Seance Week, after all.

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