Making it Through With Marco Del Rossi

Does a fan favorite Degrassi character still hold up?

Throwback Thursday: September 2018

Five more years!! Five more years!!

The Eternal Appeal of The Princess Bride

From childhood to adulthood, this movie has been a classic for generations, but what makes it work after all these years?

Fangirl Nostalgia: Rereading My Teenage Fanfiction

Adolescent adventures in shipping, self-inserts, and questionable romantic subplots

What We Need From a Remake of The Craft

If the 1996 cult classic gets reworked anytime soon, there are a few worthwhile updates we should consider.

Afterlife Snack

A small snack to sustain you through the great beyond

Why I’ll Love the Beach Forever

Sand and sea will always have a special place in my weirdo heart.

Afternoon Snack

Andromeda updates, the Rocky Horror Remake, and the Great 90's Swing Revival

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