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Happy Monday and happy 30th anniversary to beloved television classic Golden Girls!!! Let’s kick off the week right with some interesting things to read and think about (with a side of anime food).



Check out this lovely in-depth look at Golden Girls’ progressive attitude and cultural significance.




Stay Golden: a Golden Girls reboot project (????!!!), which includes a bunch of theme song mashup videos.



Watching this all these videos blinded me. You should never stare directly into the sun.



I…sort of…appreciate this sentiment but Deadpool is nasty.




Galaxy Cats: beloved internet trend of the 2010s finally makes it to the big time (AKA the Cat Fancy website).


But also, do y’all remember Modcloth Hell? People are really into cats floating in nebulas right now. Interstellar Toxoplasmosis will be the death of all of us.



Speaking of toxoplasmosis, have y’all ever considered that a whole bunch of other parasites could be subtly changing the ways that we interact with the world? [barfing intensifies]



Wonder Woman movie to have “as many female members of the crew as possible.”



Denim a-line skirts, culottes, cuorderoy, and other hideous fashion cues for Fall 2015. Fashion designers: we’re really glad that Gilmore Girls is on Netflix now, too, but that doesn’t mean that we’re looking to Lorelai Gilmore for fashion inspiration. What’s next? Bucket hats? Camo? If we’re reaching into the late 90s and early aughts, let’s start with SILVER VINYL WINDBREAKERS, PLEASE.



You guys know the drill: share your assorted links in the comments!

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