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Happy Monday, POMEs. Here are some links and things to help you get through the first day of the week.



Let’s start this Monday off right with a butt lamp that turns on when you spank it. The lamp is $230. That’s pretty much everything you need to know so let’s move on.



The Billfold’s How Gilmore Girls Do Money article shines a spotlight on Miss Patty, AKA the best person in Stars HollowPersonally, I think that Patty is way too good for Taylor (and that Taylor is a sexless, irate android a la C-3PO or Marvin from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. There is no way that Taylor is a real human man. #doosebot2015).



Arabelle Sicardi’s article about beauty product vendor Lime Crime has everything you could ever want in a corporate exposé.

This brand has everything: fake deaths, Nazi costumes, legal threats against 13 year-old girls, hacker attacks, class action lawsuits, FDA warnings, credit card fraud, cold sores, and questionably named eyeshadow palettes called “China Doll.”

Seriously – go read the whole thing (and don’t buy anything from Lime Crime!)



I know that we talked about Vice’s 2005 Week in our last Afternoon Snack, but Livejournal is a topic very dear to my heart.



Dying of envy reading this guy’s account of riding the rails across the continental United States. Apparently, you can take a train (or series of trains) from California to New York for $213. Bye, y’all.



Ta-Nehisi Coates to write Black Panther comic for Marvel. Coates is a hell of a writer and this is some of the best / most exciting comics news of 2015.



ATTN sensitive weirdos: Ask Polly: Why Doesn’t Anyone Like Me No Matter How Hard I Try?



Capitalism loves hipsters, and the cycle of gentrification:

Young creatives, a senior property executive told me last year, have become the holy grail for every developer and local council: “It’s that magical something that [London boroughs] all want. They all want IT businesses and they all want creative industries, because it gives them that young, hip vibe. People take it very seriously, because it creates value.” They are the ultimate lure for investors – but they are only the next victims in the gentrification process, their creativity, energy and youth commodified, before they are then squeezed out of their independent shops and studios by bigger retail and commercial interests, and their homes by richer tenants, when the next phase begins.



Well that’s all we’ve got – leave us your reading recommendations in the comments!


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