Afternoon Snack

As moments from the POMEmag Masquerade become just a memory, we present to you these tasty snacks to usher in a new season, and maybe help you forget that handsome stranger whose name you never did catch…




Shoujo and feminism are, as you may have guessed, major parts of the POMEmag brand, so this insightful critical essay about agency within Ai Yazawa’s Paradise Kiss is definitely in our wheelhouse. For feminists who also love shoujo manga, this article is a must-read.




In case movies/books/video games haven’t already told us enough times that space is a terrifying place where anything that can go wrong will go wrong, here is a list of 5 times that real life astronauts had to face some horrifying situation while not on this earthly realm. Lessons learned: Science is cool and space is cool but also Very Scary. (Thanks for this link, Ashley!)




Most of the crones that work on POME are currently located in Texas, but our notorious sweltering climate hasn’t stopped us from loving and living in black tights when it finally drops into glorious 60° (or 70° or let’s be honest, even 80°) weather. This article articulates so many of the reasons why black tights are the best, and shuts down anybody who would associate any fashion choice with an act of shame instead of expression.




Sometimes we get asked why we’re so into crones here at POMEmag. Crones are present in all manner of folklore, but are never one-dimensional – they’re just as likely to help a lost traveller as eat a naughty child. Crones do what they want and don’t take shit from anybody, dispensing justice when and where they choose. They are female anger and wisdom and power personified and we are INTO IT.

(See: related.)



There are myriad reasons to play Final Fantasy Tactics, but this article about recognizing privilege and entitlement as major themes in the game makes that argument even more profound and timely.

In other Final Fantasy related news, this “community arranged album” inspired by FFIX made us feel lots of ways, at work, in public, and we are not embarrassed at all.




Abortion access has been under constant attack in Texas and other red states across the American South. This in-depth look by msnbc focuses on one particular provider in Texas and one particular legislator in Louisiana, but the issue is really about women, the undue burden they face in the wake of restrictive regulation, and what may come to pass after a Supreme Court decision.




And that’s it for us this week. We are still dreaming of masks and dancing, of stars and magic. What else have you seen this week to help you settle back into the real world?


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