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POMEs, the holidays are nearly upon us, and with them, STAR WARS!!!!! We’re pretty excited about a lot of things this week, including presents, yuletide snacks, and STAR WARS!!!!! In other news:  STAR WARS!!!!!!! Here are some links to tide you over until we get to all of those good things.

Look, I never really had an opinion about Santa until I saw Hot Fashion Santa. Now all that I can say is that I want to believe.

Lonely, nerdy Austinites, take note:  apparently Austin is the best place to find a Star Wars fan to date. If you’ve got an extra ticket to The Force Awakens, your odds of finding somebody to go with you is pretty good.

Writer-for-the-internet-extraordinaire Anne Helen Petersen talked about the loss of her first love, and about the ways his memory lives on through her on Lena Dunham’s Women of the Hour podcast. We recommend having some tissues handy for this one.

Submitted with very little comment: “The New Moon of John Stamos.” NSFW warning for JOHN STAMOS’ BUTT.

Some crazy person constructed a 120-day IRL / 3,000 year in-game roller coaster in Roller Coaster Tycoon. I mean, it’s kind of nuts, but who hasn’t engineered creative ways to drive their Sims insane? What is it about simulation games that brings out the evil inside of us all?

An amazing, wonderful 85-year-old IRL crone dyed her hair blue and talks about how a lot of shit just doesn’t matter as you get older. This lady’s outlook is reassuring and wonderful, and can hopefully inspire us all to be half as cool when we get to be her age.

What are you POMEs doing to stave off the oh-my-god-we’re-getting-so-close-to-Star-Wars blues? Leave us some recommendations in the comments!

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