Afternoon Snack

It’s another Monday in hell, and we are here to put a sweet little cherry on top of your fire-and-brimstone sundae! Take a load off and enjoy this curiously textured Afternoon Snack.

Something that brought us a lot of joy and satisfaction last week was Charlie Jane Anders’s essay for Polygon, “The pitfalls of inventing an alien civilization,” discussing the “Vulcan-Ferengi dichotomy.” In addition to being both thoughtful and funny criticism, it offers some great tips for writing one’s own fictional alien race.

Entertainment-wise, we are really looking forward to be able to go to the movies safely, especially now that Janelle Monae has been cast in the Knives Out sequel!

As fans of both anciente mysteries and birds, we were very pumped to hear that a new species of dinosaur was officially identified in Mexico:

Accordingly, as fan of both birds and unions, we think it is very cool that Audobon Society staff are seeking union recognition, and hope everyone who loves the concept/phrase “bird union” as much as we do will sign their petition.

Speaking of our old friend unions, the WHO released a report very recently that overwork kills 745,000 people in a year. We’re just letting that sink in over here. Surely, this could be avoided… in some way… ???? …?

Since we’ve taken a bit of a dark turn, we’ll just leave a little bit of gallows humor here, as a dystopian treat.

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