Five Movies to Watch When the World’s Got You Down

Sometimes the best remedy for bad times is to wait it out, especially with a good movie.

Avengers Friendgame: Catching Up with My Online Friends Ahead of the Biggest MCU Movie

In which I talk to my fellow nerds about superheroes and our wildest dreams for Avengers: Endgame

The Eternal Appeal of The Princess Bride

From childhood to adulthood, this movie has been a classic for generations, but what makes it work after all these years?

The Shape of Water and the Heart of Shipping

Why the romance between a mute janitor and an amphibian man made my fangirl heart soar

Atomic Blonde’s One Glaring Mistake (and How a Sequel Could Fix It)

Delphine deserved better than this toxic, cliche trope.

“Below Her Mouth” Doesn’t Go Anywhere Else

Girl meets girl, sparks fly, but the story fizzles

With Simple Changes, “Passengers” Could Have Succeeded as a Romance

The film's alarming premise spoils what could have been a great movie concept, but it didn't (or shouldn't) have to be this way.

Museum of Natural Mystery – Exhibit 5: Based On A True Story

Ed and Lorraine Warren: Demonologists. Legendary Ghost Hunters. Liars?

In Praise of the Final Girl

An ode to the last girl standing.

Four Things We Need from the Splash Remake

"I won't let them hurt you, Channing-Mermaid."

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