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Welcome back, POMEs! We hope you had an excellent weekend filled with revelry or with Netflix, whichever was your preference. For us, we spent the weekend digging up the best things we could find, and we present them now to you here in the hopes that you like them as much as we do.



Attention to all our makeup wearing Trekkies!! Get stoked because the gods have smiled on you this day. MAC is coming out with a Star Trek makeup line!! If the amount of people tweeting about this is any indication, it seems like this is something people are VERY EXCITED ABOUT and we are 100% with them.



This super beautiful children’s book from 1973 about space features gender equality and ethnic diversity and we are wondering why more books didn’t take their cues from this piece of art in the years since??

But check how cool this is!!



image via brainpickings



The Broadway musical Hamilton has come into the spotlight recently for having both dope tracks and a very diverse cast. The choice to cast so many non-white performers in Hamilton is a purposeful one, but it seems like some might see it as a problem. Look, guys, not everything has to be for white people! It’s ok. It’s ooookkkkkkkk. It’s ok.



Heads up Crystal Gems!!! Steven Universe is coming back to TV in June, and been renewed for SEASONS FOUR AND FIVE. We are ready.





One visionary girl has written to her local constabulary and asked “Why are there police dogs but not police cats?” This is such a good question!! There are so many things that a police cat could do, and 5 year-old Eliza knows it. Police chief Mike Barton responded in a super endearing letter, letting Eliza know he thought she brought up great points and promised to pass the ideas on to an inspector in the dog support unit. He also included a drawing he made of his own cat, which is the best.



The top female players on the US Women’s Soccer team are suing for wage discrimination!! The US Women’s team has continued to kill it worldwide, with 3 World Cup championships and 4 Olympic championships under their belts. With wins like that, you’d think they wouldn’t be making as little as 40% of what their male colleagues make, but you’d be wrong. There are more stats in the linked article, but most importantly did you know that one of the women who is suing is named Hope Solo??? Blessed with amazing athletic skills and an amazing name?? SO COOL.




Ashley would have captioned this “Cat captors of the clow expect the unexpected now”.



That’s what we’ve got for you this week, POMEs. Did you see anything we missed??


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