Afternoon Snack

Good afternoon POMEs! May is here and with it comes the briefest of spring before the oppressive heat of summer boils it away (if you’re in the northern hemisphere). So let’s enjoy it! Here are the cool things we saw last week.



As grinders and bodyhacking enthusiasts rise up to meet the oncoming technology revolution, it’s important to remember that 10% of American women and 16% of European women are already sporting cyborg implants. IUDs have allowed millions of women the opportunity to mechanically control their own fertitily, yet it is not met with the ooohs and ahhhs of most burgeoning tech. The gendered way we discuss technology like this might seem trivial, but it’s importance comes into full light when we recognize the money and opportunity that comes with it.



A lot of us use emojis (????????????), and a lot of us think they are pretty great (????????????), but it looks like there might be trouble in paradise. Apparently there are those within the Unicode Consortium who believe that the focus on expanding the emoji lexicon distracts from other more important linguistic efforts. (And they might have a point – while some lesser known, but still essential, alphabets go through rigorous committees before being encoded, emojis tend to fly through the process.) It’s an interesting look into the organizing body that so directly controls who has the rights to communicate digitally, and how. Either way EMOJIGEDDON IS UPON US, PREPARE. ????????????



If you’ve been enjoying Greg Capullo’s covers on the recent Batman arcs, and you also enjoyed Bruce Timm’s The Animated Series, definitely check out Rick Celis’ mashups of the two.




In this makeup tutorial, YouTuber Amy Geliebter talks about the day-to-day reality of living with depression, as well as the very common stigma against mental illness so many people face.



We had some pretty intense rains in Texas and other parts of the south a few weeks ago, but this Houston midwife conquered the elements in what is probably the most fabulous, amazing, glorious way possible – she rode an inflatable swan to work. God speed good woman, you are a vision and a hero to us all.



These two grandparents cosplaying as older Leia and Han from The Force Awakens is the greatest thing I’ve ever seen and a new height for us all to strive for as we approach our senior years.




Hopefully this small offering of internet joy helps to start your week off on the right foot. What other cool things did you see last week?


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