Afternoon Snack

We’re here to deliver you from the bleary-eyed, hair-wiltingly-humid Monday blues with some articles and links to help speed you through this slow-burn afternoon. What a time to be alive.



While this is slightly old news, there are some updates about Mass Effect Andromeda and we’re freaking out about it!!!



Updates and opinions about the Rocky Horror remake:

So what do you think, POMEs? Is this revival a good thing or completely unnecessary?



Fran Drescher/Carly Rae Jepsen 2016:  The only ticket that really matters this election year.



Over at The Toast, Mallory and Nicole movie-yell about Captain America: Civil War. CC approves of Mallory’s Team Tony rationale.



Millennials on the internet:  as bad as we are at calling our grandparents, we sure hate to see sad grandmas and grandpas on social media (unless they’re yelling at Walmart or TGI Fridays). This sweet gramma’s art show went completely unattended and the internet is despondent over it. Unrelated: her bonnet is on point.



Last week, Stereogum ran a Weird 90s Week article series that will plummet you head-first into the glory days of Pop Up Video and forcing your parents to re-watch Spice World ad nauseum. If, like us, you were too young to truly understand the Great 90s Swing Revival but were subjected to talent show performances set to Cherry Poppin’ Daddies (whug), this article series is for you.


(If you remember the 90s and aforementioned 90s Swing Revival singles, this series is also for you).



What are you POMEs reading this week? Feeling pensive about the Great 90s Swing Revival? Let us know in the comments.

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Pomegranate Magazine

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The First Trans Person I Ever Saw Was in a Tabloid

Within my own lifetime, I have seen the evolution of how the trans body is seen in the public eye. Trans folks walk through the world as educators, storytellers, and activists, not necessarily by choice but rather by design. Even so, we usually play the game of “my eyes are up here” while people scrutinize our bodies like tiny frogs on dissection tables.

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Afternoon Snack

Well, 2021 sure has been a year, hasn’t it? Take a break from witnessing the slow-motion death throes of American naïveté with the diamonds we

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