Afternoon Snack

Maybe y’all are emotionally shaken up from all of the horrors in the news right now. If you, like us, need a little break from all of these terrible things, please feel free to join us for a friendly little afternoon snack.



Here’s a thing that we know, for at least some of you, will hit all of your buttons: a series of charming cats paired with charming models for the June/July issue of Out magazine. We considered trying to pick a favorite cat or male model out of the bunch, but how is one supposed to react to such a thing with any sort of objectivity?? Objectively they are all killing it.



Friend of POME Victoria Grace Elliott is the environmental artist on Rose of Winter, which looks like it will be a truly lovely game!! A fantasy romance from the same developer as We Know the Devil, it features the writing talents of Magnolia Porter with character design by Aatmaja Pandya and we cannot WAIT TO PLAY IT!! ????✨




There are several of us here on the POME staff that would subscribe to the label of Hamilton trash, so we were so happy and moved to see 46 artists come together to illustrate each of the songs on the cast recording. AND THEN THEY WERE ABLE TO PRINT COPIES AND GIFT THEM TO THE CAST BACKSTAGE AFTER THE SHOW (check out this amazing Storify!)

Hamilton is a gift and so are all 46 of the artists that contributed to this beautiful pamphlet.



We love Rosy Press and we love romance literature, so the prospect of having Rosy at the Romance Writers of America’s year conference seemed like a match made in heaven. Apparently it wasn’t meant to be. While this is disheartening, we look forward to the day where romance comics and romance prose are able to come together and become all we knew they ever could be.



They made a manga based on the BBC show Sherlock??? This is fine. This is totally fine.





Bless Bioware for finally giving us a glimpse Mass Effect: Andromeda with this new trailer.

If you’re as pumped up about this as we are, check out the first Omega 4 Replay comic Rachel and CC made as they begin their repeat journey through the original trilogy!



We hope this small afternoon snack brought a little bit of goodness into your life, dearest POMEs. Stay strong, stand together, and we love all of you.

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