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Hey dear POMEs! The news cycle in the last week or so has been pretty whiplash-y – lots of good, cool things with several very scary, not-so-great things. We’re here to bring you the cool things we saw, so let’s get started!



This super cool and beautifully illustrated post about who owns Star Trek – the fans or the people who make it – is perfectly timed as both Star Trek: Beyond and the new Star Trek TV show loom on our horizon.



Did you ever wonder where Pepe the Frog came from?? Wonder no more my friends!! Meet the dude that created Pepe in his 2005 webcomic, and then sit and think about how long ago 2005 was.



Safe spaces for women on the internet are so precious and rare and fleeting, and this recollection on sites like and Sailor Moon chat rooms of old really bring us back.



This is a very long but scary and fascinating look at private prisons as one Mother Jones reporter goes undercover as a guard. We’re not sure what else to say, but it’s all good stuff.



Dang, the new Fallout 4 Contraptions DLC came out last week and it only took 24 hours for people to start using their machines to be mean to NPCs. Although, we would like to see a machine gun that shoots teddy bears IRL, please and thank you.



FemHype did a survey of readers’ favorite examples of queer representation in gaming and the results are all fantastic. Also, bless u Bioware



Do you like dinosaurs? Do you also like toys? Ok well boy howdy do we have something to show you – David Silva is making realistic and scientifically accurate dinosaur action figures that we are sure the youngest among us will love, but also that we are sure several adults we know will be pretty into as well.



Millennials: how do you feel about Clinton using Hamilton in her campaigning in 3 emojis or less? (At least one POME staffer has already admitted to entering this lottery.)



To start off some REALLY AMAZING Supreme Court news, SCOTUS has upheld a ban that prohibits those convicted of of domestic violence from buying guns. This is great for so many reasons, but this is not all that the Highest Court in the Land had for us today because


let’s just say it again


We’re sorry for yelling but we are so excited. We’re an Austin, Texas based magazine so many of the people who work on this magazine where at the Texas Capitol fighting agains this legislation when it was being debated in the Texas Senate. We watched Wendy Davis during her epic filibuster, and so this court ruling means a lot to us.






There you have it POMEs, all the best things we saw this week. Some really, really good things. There were some pretty scary things too (looking at you, Brexiters) but we’re ready for sunny days ahead.


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