Afternoon Snack

That’s right, we see you over there, trying to convince your co-workers that you’re doing Actual Work. But don’t worry, POME’s no rat and we’re here to help.



Presented with no explanation but a heart full of glee:



So you’ve probably seen this video and appreciated this song, but Jennifer Hale is here to really knock it out of the park.



Love AHP; hate the concept of ~~”postfeminism”~~






David Brothers on appropriation in comics and Whit Taylor on appropriation in fashion.



I know this came out a while ago but we didn’t post it so here’s Moon Podcast Power co-host Ashley Gallagher’s awesome essay on masculinity and Steven Universe #nepotism



For all you cat photographer hopefuls.



That’s all we’ve got for you, our dearest POMEs. Now get back to work!


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Romance Roundtable #52: Classmates

Today we’re covering Volumes 1 and 2 of Asumiko Nakamura’s Classmates: a sweet boys’ love manga about two extremely teenaged boys falling for each other and figuring things out about themselves along the way.

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