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Happy Monday, POMEs! Everything in the world is still terrible, but here are a few links and articles to chew on as we move past Thanksgiving and into the end stretch of this rough-ass year.



To start things off with at least a little bit of good news, two three new songs from the Hamilton Mixtape have been released!

Via Pitchfork:

Ashanti and Ja Rule have reunited for another song from Lin-Manuel Miranda’s upcoming Hamilton Mixtape. It’s a new version of “Helpless.” Stream it below. The pair, former labelmates at Murder Inc. Records, collaborated on a string of top five hits in the early 2000s. “Helpless” follows Usher’s take on “Wait For It” and Miranda’s collaboration with Nas, Aloe Blacc, and Dave East, “Wrote My Way Out.”

All of these new tracks are wonderful and perfect, but we especially want to call out the “Helpless” cover for being probably the most essential take on that song possible. All great stuff here!




The Army Corps of Engineers moves to shut down a Standing Rock protest campsite. Just a friendly reminder to donate to the Standing Rock protesters.


In case you missed this over the Thanksgiving weekend, a little more Election 2016 insanity:



One Hundred Years Of Men Taking Off Their Shirts: an Anne Helen Petersen deep cut to help us ease through these hard times. Show up for the great historical butts, stay for the powerful media studies analysis.



Vulvas (vulvae?): more terrifying than Satan?



We don’t deserve you, President Obama.



On identity politics and that now notorious Bernie Sanders speech, via Argot Magazine’s Carmen Rios:

Economic equality won’t fix all of the other inequalities in our culture. Economic equality won’t stop rape and sexual assault. It won’t stop police from shooting Black people in the streets. It won’t stop bathroom bills. It won’t stop parents from sending their kids to anti-gay “conversion therapy” programs. It won’t stop educators from disproportionately punishing students of color. It won’t end the ongoing fight for commonsense immigration reform or commonsense gun law reform.



The geneology of “jizz in the face feminism”:

Coincidentally, it was also in 2012 that “sex positive feminism” reached its absolute popularity peak. While many Women of Color were interested and engaging in an emancipatory politics of sex, this particular brand of sex positive feminism was heralded into the mainstream by a majority of white feminists who either vocally aligned themselves with “jizz in the face feminism” or promoted similarly cishet male centric models of sexual politics. It was in this climate that certain white feminists promoted active engagement with MRA or MRA adjacent groups such as “pick up artists” which would eventually become a core active group within the white supremacist alt-right.

[barfs nostalgically]



An interactive comic about making comics.



That’s all we’ve got, folks! Did any internet news stick in your mind over the holiday weekend? Drop us some reading recs below in the comments!

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