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POMEmag hopes that wherever you are on this sweltering almost-August afternoon, this list of links can help you stay cool.



The eternal question: “How is an 8-year-old going to learn how to restock draik eggs?” All of this and more in this history of Neopets you never knew you wanted but definitely did.



Submitted without comment: this Fury Road / Yakity Sax mashup.




Gendering martyrdom in music — male artists are tragic figures; female artists are out-of-control women.


When Janis Joplin died on October 4, 1970 the New York Times called her a “misfit” whose “behavior was explosive” and remembers her as “drinking from a bottle at her concerts” and “screaming obscenities at a policeman in the audience”. Two weeks prior when Jimi Hendrix died– also at the age of 27– the same paper’s headline referred to him as a “Top of Music World Flamboyant Performer Noted for Sensuous Style” above an article that failed to highlight his fabled and widely-acknowledged affinity for mixing drugs with alcohol, even as new evidence emerged that he was wildly out of control during his final days.



No, It’s Not An Opinion. You’re Just Wrong


There’s nothing wrong with an opinion on those things. The problem comes from people whose opinions are actually misconceptions. If you think vaccines cause autism you are expressing something factually wrong, not an opinion. The fact that you may still believe that vaccines cause autism does not move your misconception into the realm of valid opinion. Nor does the fact that many other share this opinion give it any more validity.





Anime Gilmores – shout out to intergalactic witch treasure Victoria G Elliott (whose webcomic is top-tier cute and smart and fun) for spreading the “Gilmore Girls is a live action shoujo manga” gospel.




This High Fashion Emma Frost Redesign project is a movement I can really get behind. Read more about it on Comics Alliance and The Mary Sue. Emma Frost is a seriously maligned character who has always deserved better.



You may have seen this study floating around that implies that losers on the internet that harass women are in fact Actual Losers. While this is something that we POME crones believe to be accurate, it’s important to remember that some of the graphs getting passed around are more analysis of data than actual data itself. Rebecca Watson has a great breakdown of this study that you should all check out.




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