Afternoon Snack

Happy Monday Afternoon, POMEs! We’re rounding out the third month of this awful hellscape of a year — and what better way to march into April than with a handful of entertaining links and articles, right? Here’s some of the cool stuff we’ve been reading lately.



Speaking of hellscapes, Hulu has been dropping new trailers for their Handmaid’s Tale adaptation that are making our blood run cold:



And we’re not the only ones. A bunch of rad pro-choice Texas activists dressed as handmaids to protest anti-choice legislation.



As we’ve repeatedly mentioned, Mass Effect Andromeda is out and we’re spending all our free time diving headlong into the Heleus Cluster. We’re also excited that Bioware finallreleased a ME:A trailer featuring Sara Ryder, the game’s female protagonist:



Not pictured: Scott screaming “he has access!!!!!!” (unfortunately).



If you’re as bogged down in ME:A’s Apex Missions as we are, this handy Andromeda mobile app can help you keep track of them.



Struggling to write a memorable conclusion? Just tack “and then the murders began” to the end of your intro paragraph. #problemsolving



An oldie but goody: the Clinton campaign’s Pantsuit UI — aesthetically pleasing, pioneeringly accessible design choices for our Alternate Timeline POTUS.



Trumpcare was a dumpster fire; sorry not sorry, Paul Ryan. [Papa Roach intensifies]




and the cruel reason Obamacare may have prevailed in the end after all (hint: it’s racism).



We’re hoping that this week is full of just as many hot takes and relief-inducing good news.


But then the murders began.


See y’all next week!


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