Afternoon Snack

Greetings, dear POMEs! We take a break from this glorious spring weather and our incessant allergies to bring you the cream of the proverbial internet crop this week. Put that nasal spray aside and jump right in.



Surprising nobody, we are still all about Mass Effect: Andromeda, and as such we were thrilled to learn that not all asari prefer female pronouns. It took 4 games to get to this very subtle bit of hidden info, but we are happy to know it’s there.



This article about why so many women find male anger to be threatening is a good discussion about the burden both men and women bare because of cultural norms.

Fear of male anger is a burden, but it’s also protective, like a heavy suit of armor that you patch with new metal every time it gets a ding. The armor only gets heavier over the course of your life, but you put it down at your peril.



Wowowow – a history of shitty male writers who gently thank their wives for doing all of their goddamn work for them. Cool story, bros.



Sad days ahead – Comics Alliance is going on hiatus again, this time likely for good.



But for now, check out Comics Alliance’s feature on Mayhem, a badass lady wrestling comic from POME crone and favorite Cait Zellers!! We love this lady and her work, so check out this thing on Comixology!




A powerful article about Selena and identity, and taking your home with you wherever you go.



That’s all we have for now, POMEs. The brief reprieve from spring allergens is over, and we venture back out into the pollen abyss. Stay strong, and clear.



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Afternoon Snack

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