Announcing the Group Chat Kickstarter

After months of blood, sweat, tears, and feelings, we’re proud to announce the Kickstarter for our brand-new book, Group Chat: a comic anthology about friendship and found family. Jump on over to the Group Chat Kickstarter to snag a copy for yourself! But keep reading to learn more about this project and why you should throw your hard-earned cash at this beautiful and gentle book.


What Is Group Chat?

A comic anthology about friendship and community for readers young adult and up, Group Chat spans genres from sci-fi to slice-of-life. These stories—feeling good about your body after a mastectomy, two friends supporting each other through the creation of a trans fashion line, learning to appreciate your best friend’s chucklehead boyfriend, and others—were carefully chosen for their humor, heart, and beauty from a wide range of up-and-coming creators. Group Chat features 18 short comics about the people who have your back no matter what. This book has nearly 200 pages of gorgeous, super fresh art, all bound in a stunning cover by Victoria Grace Elliott, the creator of balderdash!


Why Do I Need Group Chat In My Life ASAP?

If you’re a frequent POME reader, you probably know that we have a lot of anxious thoughts about this hellscape we are all condemned to share. So you probably need some kind, loving reassurance as much as we do in this anxiety-inducing mortal realme~. We worked hard to produce the kind of book we so badly needed in our lives and we’re pretty excited about the end result. We can confidently say that Group Chat is a kind embrace from a friend in comics form.


Who Contributed To This Book?

Group Chat features 24 up-and-coming creators — some of whom you might recognize, and others who are making their print debut with this book.

You’ll see some familiar faces in the Group Chat table of contents, since all four POMEmag editorial crones helped bring this book to life (CC, Rachel, Jenny, and Ashley), and three of us have stories within the book.

Ready for a full lineup?


Group Chat Cover: Victoria Grace Elliott

Group Chat Contributors:


Group Chat Editorial & Production:


How Can I Throw Money At This Beautiful Book?

Head on over to the Group Chat Kickstarter to reserve your copy! Some of our reward tiers even include the entire POME Press library — including Group Chat — at a discounted rate. We’ll be revealing new reward tiers as we get closer and closer to our funding goal.


Where Can I Direct Press Inquiries For Group Chat?

We’re excited about Group Chat, and we’re extremely interested in talking your ears off about Group Chat. Reach out to us at contact @ for all press inquiries. Most of our creators and our whole editorial team are available for interviews upon request.

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