Announcing the UKULELE SPELLS: CODA Kickstarter!

Since 2017, Rachel Weiss’s Ukulele Spells has taught readers of all ages to play the ukulele through the magic of comics. Now, POMEpress is proud to announce Ukulele Spells: Coda —  a beautifully reprinted edition that includes a handful of enchanting new lessons. As part of Kickstarter’s Small Press Spotlight, head on over to the Ukulele Spells: Coda Kickstarter page from today through October 4 to grab a copy of this book, along with extras like magical postcards and downloadable sheet music pages. 

What is Ukulele Spells: Coda?

Ukulele Spells: Coda is a ukulele lesson book in comics form. Each lesson is presented as a “spell” to teach readers chords, short songs, and even basic maintenance and songwriting.

While we can’t guarantee that your own ukulele spells will necessarily make the bus come faster or find things you’ve misplaced, we can promise that Ukulele Spells: Coda is a fun and charming way to add some musical magic into your life.

What’s New in Ukulele Spells: Coda?

Ukulele Spells: Coda features: 

  • Improved, retouched versions of the original Ukulele Spells comics
  • A higher print quality volume
  • Sheet music pages for you to fill in your own songs
  • New, never-before-seen ukulele spells created just for this edition! 

Through this Kickstarter, you can also grab rewards like: 

  • Downloadable, customizable sheet music pages 
  • Special rates for earlybird Ukulele Spells: Coda pledges and bundles with other books from the POMEpress library

Who Contributed To This Book?

Ukulele Spells: Coda was written and drawn by Rachel Weiss, with editorial support by Carolynn Calabrese and Jenny Mott. 

Why Should I Pick Up Ukulele Spells: Coda

Imbued with friendliness and warmth on every page, Ukulele Spells fully takes advantage of the ways that comics can be used to teach and share. Whether you’re a ukulele novice or a masterful ukulele witch yourself, Ukulele Spells’s simple, elegant lessons can help you brush up for solo jam sessions, and can even help you guide another through their first forays into ukulele magic. 

Where Can I Direct Press Inquiries For Eternal Witchcraft?

We’d love to talk your ears off about this beautiful book! Please direct press inquiries and interview requests to

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