Brittney Martinez

Brittney is a big femmy feminist who loves books. Like, really loves books. She's also a psychology nerd who is silently diagnosing you during conversations. When not in her armchair, she loves hanging out with her boy toy and her pup.

Dog Review: LT

In which I review one of the silliest dogs I ever had the privilege to meet.

Book Review: On the Origin of Superheroes

A trip through history examining all of your favorite buff dudes in spandex

Book Review: Millennial Fandom

A very lacking scholarly study on fandoms in the millennial generation

Book Review: Broadcasting Happiness

What positive psychology can do for you in your everyday life

Six Books I’ll Never, Ever Read (And You Can’t Make Me)

Brittney has some strong opinions about bad books and what makes them bad.

Book Review: Within These Walls

Ania Ahlborn's new horror novel with a familiar, true-life villain

Review: Baba Yaga’s Assistant

Marika McCoola and Emily Carroll deliver on fairy tale retellings and crones

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