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Your Guide to Dating Sailor Moon Villains

Annotating potential relationships with Sailor Moon’s biggest nemeses

This handy guide should help you identify which evil queen / knight / sapient anthropomorphic shoe-person you should spend the rest of your life with. Read more.

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Romance Roundtable #1: Bought: One Husband

Let's take this husband back to the Husband Store

Welcome to Romance Roundtable: a feature where all four editorial POME Crones gather together to discuss a Harlequin romance manga. Today we’re discussing BOUGHT: ONE HUSBAND by Diana Hamilton  (Author) and Motoyo Fujiwara (Illustrator) -- a tragic tale of love, fake identities, sibling face-cupping, and disappearing half-ponytails. Read more.


American Gods Episode 8 Recap & Review: “Come to Jesus”

Reflections (and character rankings) for American Gods Season One

Alright guys, I know I’m a week late with this update, but it took me a while to stop reeling over American Gods’s season finale plot twist. Read more.


Soothing Youtube Search Suggestions For Your Withered Soul in Mid-2017

Video search suggestions for escaping our contemporary hellscape (for a few fleeting moments)

When you visit your friendly neighborhood Youtube Dot Com and search for the keywords below, almost every video is guaranteed to give you a feeling other than creeping existential dread. Plug them in the next time you’re feeling too stressed out to function and let the relatively good feelings wash right over you.   Read more.


American Gods Episode 7 Review & Recap: “A Prayer for Mad Sweeney”

Enthusiastic Consent: A Divine Mystery

American Gods positions Essie as a relentless social climber willing to sleep her way to the top, but her reality is a lot more grim: Essie’s real crime seems to be turning the tables on exploitative men who knowingly abuse power dynamics that work in their favor. But -- Essie’s the real criminal, right? Because she smirks a lot. Cool. Okay. Read more.


Neil Gaiman Bingo

This Neil Gaiman bingo card can help you keep up with all those whimsical, oddly specific Gaiman tropes you might be spending a little too much time with lately. Read more.


American Gods Episode 6 Review & Recap: “A Murder Of Gods”

Mexican Jesus and the American Gods Pantheon

Like Shadow, American Gods episode 6 has me literally shouting about this show’s need for concrete worldbuilding. How does belief work? How does a god’s concrete identity (Vulcan) become an abstract object (the gun)? Do gods just resurrect endlessly, until they are forgotten? And finally -- is belief quantity more important than belief quality? Read more.


what are dogges?

even more things we know

We are definitely human and we're describing dogges. Read more.


American Gods Episode 5 Review and Recap: “Lemon Scented You”

[Gaiman Aesthetic Intensifies]

Neil Gaiman looking in a Victorian mirror while wearing a top hat made of dreams wouldn’t be as Neil Gaiman as “Lemon Scented You.” Read more.