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Which Horseman of the Apocalypse Are You?

An Unholy POMEquiz

This quiz will help you determine which dread sigil of the End Times you most resemble. Read more.


As A Giant Floating Eyeball, I See Both Sides

Embracing objectivity through omniscience and apathy

I can’t help but see both sides of every issue. In fact, I see all sides of every issue -- because I am a giant floating eyeball that sees all and knows all. Read more.

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Romance Roundtable #3: The Italian Playboy’s Secret Son

Scrapbooking will save us all

Today on Romance Roundtable, we’re discussing THE ITALIAN PLAYBOY'S SECRET SON by Rebecca Winters (Author) and Takako Hashimoto (Illustrator) — a tale of a Formula 1 fuckboi, an American soda heiress, and some Italian bullshit. Read more.

#feels, #ideas

Stop Me If This Starts To Sound Familiar

Joss Whedon and Faux Feminist Sexual Harassment in the Comics Industry

Whedon talked about feminism as if it came as naturally to him as breathing -- while secretly justifying the ways he was exploiting a power dynamic to have sex with “needy” young women. Read more.

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Throw Money At This Kickstarter: The Sun and the Wayward Wind

This comics anthology shines a light on North American legends while uplifting marginalized voices.

If your soul is tired from the vast and escalating injustices of the past few weeks, months, and years, small press comics publisher Dandelion Wine Collective has your back. Read more.


QUIZ: What is YOUR perfect escapist fantasy for these trying times?

Find your ideal daydream vacation destination

This quiz will help you figure out how to get the most out of your daydreams and reveal the perfect fantasy world for your fatigued psyche. Read more.

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Just Desserts Recipe 5: Pirate’s Revenge & Piña Colada Cake

Delicious Vengeance on the High Seas

Piña Colada Cake draws out the fruity notes in a robust Pirate’s Revenge, blending sweet, tropical flavors with just the slightest hint of rum and lemon (to keep scurvy at bay). Read more.

#feels, #popculture

What Does Your Favorite Sailor Moon Character Say About Your Romantic Inner Life?

Predicting Your Intimacy Issues, Based On Your Favorite Sailor Moon Character

The Sailor Moon character you identify with most might hold the key to figuring out how you interact with potential romantic partners -- even if you’re not planning on getting into a miracle romance anytime soon. Read more.

#popculture, #rando

Romance Roundtable #2: Closer Encounters

Knockers and Hooch: The Untold Story

Today we’re discussing Closer Encounters by Merline Lovelace (Author) and Kazuna Uchida (Artist) — an inspirational tale about finding love and siphoning government resources to fund your sexy ghost exorcisms. Read more.


Exit Strategies for Small Talk Hell

Better Ways To Answer The Question, “So, What Have You Been Up To Lately?” Than Whatever You’ve Got Lined Up

The next time you feel dread rise within you after someone asks what you’ve been ~up to~ these days, here are some responses that will help you hide the fact that you’ve mostly been hanging out with old pizza and burning through entire seasons of Unsolved Mysteries on your couch. Read more.

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