Beach Week: The Drive Home

After a week of soaking up the sun and snoozing on the sand, the beach party is drawing to a close. Sitting on the beach all night after hours of catharsis-laden conversations with your best friends can be fun, but can also be emotionally and physically draining. At this point, everyone is ready to go home changed by the ocean breeze and all those discharged feels. So as we half-heartedly fold up our beach towels and load our coolers and pool noodles into the car,  let’s take a look back at how we spent our 2016 summer beach vacation.



Beach Party Memories


POME Staff | POMEmag Presents: The Beach Episode | Snow Cone Stand

Sylvia Carrus | Childhood
Jessika Rieck | Five Relatives We Won’t Be Seeing for Another Year (Cthulhu Willing)

David Gimnich and Vincent Powell | Sidekicked #59 – Summer is Nothing to Marvel About
Brittany Martinez | Cthulhu’s Summer Vacation


Alicia Kania | Why I’ll Love the Beach Forever
Rachel Weiss | How to Pretend You’re On Summer Vacation

Connor Shea | Seven Surprisingly Common Beach Mistakes
Ashley Gallagher and David Tarafa | Light Bodies, Part 1

Special thanks to all of the lovely contributors who braved sunburns and sand-between-the-toes to help us throw these beach-themed festivities. See you next summer and thanks for the memories!

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