Bridgerton Season 2 Predictions

For the past month-and-some-change, we’ve been all in on Bridgerton: Netflix’s Regency romance that dares to ask (and also demonstrate) how babby is formed. As we settle into a long wait for Bridgerton Season 2, here are all our predictions for what might be in store for us in future episodes. (Naturally, proceed with caution: plenty of Bridgerton Season 1 spoilers ahead!) 

CC’s Predictions: 

  • Optimistic prediction: Eloise & Penny are in love!!!! 
  • Pessimistic prediction: Eloise gets the world’s least convincing hetero love interest — most likely a bootleg of the 2019 Little Women film’s hot professor (who, yes, I know, was 100% Not Hot in the novel don’t @ me)
  • Cheese Lad character development 
  • Mrs. Featherington untucks either a tiny revolver or jewel-hilted dagger from her garter belt (is this a thing in the Regency era? Does it matter?) and murders someone

Jenny’s Predictions:

  • This isn’t the last we’ll see of Daphne and Simon, even if that’s how it works in the books. Their baby will be involved in some plot contrivance or other.
  • EITHER there will be absolutely no Colin, OR we’ll get a whole-ass B-plot about his travels.
  • The mysterious new Featherington heir is a beautiful asshole who flirts with Penelope A LOT, specifically because she doesn’t like him and he needs to be liked.
  • Rather than try to fit in all the drama sure to come for Eloise in her debut season with a simultaneous Anthony-centric arc, they’ll still have Eloise debut, but play her first season as a dud while still introducing/laying the groundwork for her disappointing Hot Professor (possibly the “take a picture, it’ll last longer” kid from the Season 1 finale).

Rachel’s Predictions:

  • Eloise goes to university!!!! God just let women be educated, for the love of Hera
  • Knowing what I do after reading Anthony’s book… I predict self-destructive tendencies and another plot where two people fall in love but one is too stupid to be happy about it
  • Also bees will happen
  • Simon’s boxer friend and his family WILL BE FINE AND NOTHING BAD WILL HAPPEN TO THEM
  • CC’s Mrs. Featherington prediction but I’d predict the tiny gun is hidden in her boobs

Ashley’s predictions:

  • Benedict’s bisexual awakening: as the only character who has canonically been exposed to the existence of gay sex (and is dating a bi lady, I think?), I’ve sadly got to place my bets on a ho-hum Bridgerton brother for some real fun around here. 
  • A “COVID-inspired” bottle episode/s where the London season is interrupted by a smallpox epidemic and everyone has to quarantine away from one another. Topicality! Pining! Hat tips to Alan Rickman’s dreamy performance in the only good Jane Austen adaptation ever made, Sense and Sensibility (1995)! (FIGHT ME!!)
  • Eloise definitely, definitely finds out that Penelope is Whistledown, hopefully in a gay way, something something the smell of fresh ink and warm paper something something where did you get that bribe money, Pen???
  • Mrs. Featherington MILF PLOTLINE. A sweet falling-in-love-for-the-first-time-at-fifty romance with a widower or retired military officer who has to chaperone a younger relative? A hot enemies-to-lovers will-they-won’t-they with whatever roguish fellow tries to take the house away? 
  • Lord Byron or Mary Shelley or both make a cameo. I don’t know why, I’m just feeling this vibe. 

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