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cover by Caitlin Zellers

The Editor’s Hearth

The cicadas hum and the grackles scream as they take flight, and I sit here remembering the first summer of my crone years. Before ascending to the final aspect of the triple goddess, I thought entering my cronehood would bring me instant understanding of the machinations that give our natural world purpose. I remember my excitement while waiting for the traditional Crow of Wisdome to drop the well-worn Tome of Magicks into my hands in the twilight hours before the break of day. When he did, I remember eyeing the volume in surprise and disappointment. This is it? I wondered, running my still-ungnarled fingers through the pages. This is the Book of Forbidden Knowledge Living Beings Think of and Despair? Little did I know that my crone years would unfold more like a map and less like an instantaneous astral projection.

And as the cicadas hum and the grackles scream in this, the forty-thousand and sixteenth year of our Eternal Lady, Morrigaine, we come together to celebrate the end of the Season of Life and the beginning of the Seasons of Dust marking this year’s rapid descent into the dead silence of winter. With that in mind, this century’s issue celebrates our wisdom and mastery of this troubled and beautiful Earth hard-won as we rise to our glorious cronehoods. From picking the best black cat companion for your enchanting needs to crafting your own supernatural personal lubrication, we’ve got the juicy wisdom you need to tide you over through this long summer of our twilight years.

Blessed Be,

Your POME Crones-in-Chief






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