Eternal Witchcraft Sneak Preview

We’re in the final week of the Eternal Witchcraft Kickstarter and the project is now just over 65% funded! To celebrate this milestone (and to get y’all hyped up for this beautiful tome), we proudly present a sneak preview of each Eternal Witchcraft comic.

About Eternal Witchcraft

Eternal Witchcraft is a comics spellbook/anthology of witchy instructional comics for Crones and aspiring Crones alike. Eternal Witchcraft features 21 up-and-coming creators, all crafting comics to bring a little more magic into your everyday life. 

As any Crone can tell you: the best things in life are a little of what you know and a little of what you don’t; likewise, Eternal Witchcraft is part compilation, part fresh crone-tent. We’re collecting a few comics from our best-selling (and now out-of-print) Pocket Spellbooks, Charismatic Witchcraft and Sensible Witchcraft, and partnering them up with all-new comics in the ultimate grimoire for every witch, no matter where they are on their journey.

Below, you’ll be able to learn a little more about each section of Eternal Witchcraft, and see a preview page from each comic within this volume.

Charismatic Witchcraft

The first section of Eternal Witchcraft is Charismatic Witchcraft. Here you’ll find vibrant spells for aspirant spellcasters. These spells were created for novice witches who are still finding their way. This section includes two brand new pieces, along with a handful of comics from the original Charismatic Witchcraft Pocket Spellbook (first published in 2016).

Lucky Item Charm by Gabriela Gutiérrez

Friendship Necromancy: How to Revive Dead Bonds of Affection – written by Carolynn Calabrese, drawn by Rachel Weiss

Hangover Remedies for Wild Witches by Scrain

Summoning Spell for Feline Friends by Wai

Lavender’s Self-Care Bath by Jenny Mott

A Spell of Protection for Houseplants by Kara Ramer

A Spell for Becoming by Victor Martins

Begin Again: A Spell for Letting Go – written by Ashley Gallagher, drawn by David Tarafa

Sensible Witchcraft

The second section of Eternal Witchcraft is Sensible Witchcraft. Here you’ll find gentle spells for experienced enchanters. This section also includes a handful of comics from the original Sensible Witchcraft Pocket Spellbook (first published in 2017).

Ritual for Summoning Your Muse  by Ashley Franklin

A Quick Lesson in Sigilcraft by Jenny Gacy

How to Forge & Enchant a Creep-Proof Disguise Amulet – written by Carolynn Calabrese, drawn by Rachel Weiss

Spiders by Wai

Buttercup’s How To Dry & Preserve Herbs by Jenny Mott

A Spell for Finding Things That Are Lost by Kara Ramer

Small Wonder: A Spell to Summon Your Inner Child – written by Ashley Gallagher, drawn by Rachel Weiss

Summoning the Mother of Cats by Cait Zellers

Eternal Witchcraft

The third and final section of Eternal Witchcraft is simply Eternal Witchcraft. Here you’ll find powerful spells for seasoned soothsayers. In this section, you’ll find crone wisdom to guide you through the road ahead. Every comic in this section is brand new and was created for this volume.

To Summon the Elder Self Within You: A Spell for Burgeoning Crones by Victoria Grace Elliott

Ask the Three: A Simple Spread for Anything by Jen Overstreet

Overwintering by E.C. Ibes

How to Break a Mildly Inconvenient Curse Upon Yourself by Abi Watson

A Spell to Make Language – written by Ashley Gallagher, drawn by David Tarafa

Our True Selves by Wai

Let’s Make a Dance Charm! by Jade Armstrong

Salt: A Spell to Cross Great Distances by Sam Wade

Catcaller’s Curse by Ashley Franklin

Summoning the Mother of Grackles by Cait Zellers

A Charm for Fond Farewells – written by Carolynn Calabrese, drawn by Rachel Weiss

Herbal Index

This Herbal Index is another new addition for Eternal Witchcraft. This section is a reference for herbs to keep handy in your home and hearth.

7 Essential Herbs for Every Crone’s Cabinet by Jenny Mott

The Eternal Witchcraft Kickstarter ends early on Sunday, March 31! While the book will be available in the POMEpress Store after its release, some of our Kickstarter exclusive rewards might not be — head on over to the Eternal Witchcraft Kickstarter page to support this project, learn more, and grab your very own copy of this handy pocket grimoire.

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