Happy Holidays from POMEmag!


Happy holidays, friends! Your friendly neighborhood POME Editorial Crones will be back on Wednesday, December 27th with all the witchy internet for sensitive weirdos that your heart can take. In the meantime, we are leaving you these holiday pups, doggos, and floofs to keep your heart warm in our stead. Now get out of here and eat some snacks with your loved ones and friends!

Pomegranate Magazine

Pomegranate Magazine

POMEmag is the internet’s premier pastel, macabre feminist dork publication. Or at least, a very pastel, macabre feminist dork publication that is leaning into that identity pretty hard.

The First Trans Person I Ever Saw Was in a Tabloid

Within my own lifetime, I have seen the evolution of how the trans body is seen in the public eye. Trans folks walk through the world as educators, storytellers, and activists, not necessarily by choice but rather by design. Even so, we usually play the game of “my eyes are up here” while people scrutinize our bodies like tiny frogs on dissection tables.

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Afternoon Snack

Well, 2021 sure has been a year, hasn’t it? Take a break from witnessing the slow-motion death throes of American naïveté with the diamonds we

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