Life Goals, Wife Goals: Holiday Movie Edition

Seasonal Movie Women We Want to Marry and/or Become, Courtesy of Two Queer Women

8 Scented Gifts, Ranked By Stench

Rating popular “you are a woman” gifts by how likely they are to singe your nostrils

Happy Holidays from POMEmag!

A festive treat from our coven to yours.

Guide to Magical Gift-Giving this Holiday Season

Surprise and delight all your favorite humans with fantastic presents

Happy Earth Day, Fellow Earthlings!

A guest from another world prepares for this planet's pinnacle holiday

Afternoon Snack

This week's news: gay ghosts, Teen Vogue, and dinosaurs!!!!

Get out of here!

It's a holiday. Go eat some barbecue or something!

Leftovers: POMEsgiving Dinner Wrapup

Grab a plate, because last week's recipe comics are ready to snack on

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