International Sailor Moon Day Austin 2015

We wanted International Sailor Moon Day to be a fun, safe, welcoming environment for everybody — from the most casual viewers to the most dedicated Sailor Moon fans. We’re so proud and excited to see that we pulled it off! If you were unable to join us, here’s a recap of everything you missed.







Cute people all being cute at the photo shoot. Also Mistress 9.





Vendors selling cute stuff





Things started to get really busy between the two clip shows and even busier when the costume contest started.

The costume contest:


All our Sailor Senshi

Costume contest winners and runners-up – from left to right: Sailor Assassin’s Creed, Sailor Moon Merchandise Incarnate, Black Lady, Casual Ami – Runner Up, Princess Serenity, Tuxedo Mask’s Wild Side, Casual Ami – Winner, Punk Sailor Neptune

Other stuff:


The Weirdlings recorded the costume contest and interviewed us after the event.



And then, finally, we’re done!


International Sailor Moon Day Austin involved so many people working together that it’s hard to thank everybody, but I’m going to try my best. If I left you out or put incorrect information about what you do in the list below, please let me know and I will make corrections immediately.


Vendors and Sponsors


Our magical vendors brought their cute and adorable stuff for folks to buy. You can learn more about the comic book shops that participated as vendors in the list of sponsors below (as they also kicked in some neat prizes!). But if you’re trying to find some of our artists and local craftspeople, here they are:


The Kawaii Empire

Andy the Mermaid

Jenny Gacy

MyloSparx – Store   Facebook

Laura Lewis – Tumblr    Store

Noel Kalmus

Victoria Grace Elliott

Robby Cook

Caitlin Zellers


Our sponsors also donated very literally hundreds of dollars in prizes so please patronize their businesses due to their solidarity with our IRL magical girl cause. Almost all of these guys are local businesses, so your support helps fund cool, cute stuff you can walk or drive to.


The Highball & The Alamo Drafthouse

Anime Overload

Austin Books and Comics / Guzu Gallery

Crafty Girl Austin


Dragon’s Lair Comics and Fantasy

Jerry’s Artarama

Katie Cowden of Killer Queen Jewelry

The Kawaii Empire

Quack’s 43rd Street Bakery

Russell’s Bakery

Terra Toys


For this year, the organizing team for International Sailor Moon Day Austin was a magical girl army of 2. That being said, we wished that we had the opportunity to spend more time sharing our sponsors and vendors with you ahead of time. We hope that you guys are able to use this list to track them down and enjoy more of what they do.


Event Staff


International Sailor Moon Day Austin was organized by Carolynn Calabrese and Ashley Gallagher. We are the hosts of the podcast Moon Podcast Power:  MAKE UP!!, which you can find both on this website and over on iTunes. I am the Head Crone in Charge of POMEmag (the site you are on, hello, welcome to our strange magazine) and hope that you guys like what we do enough to stick around! POMEmag and Moon Podcast Power are both over on twitter so come chat with us sometime.


Your hosts: Ashley (left) and CC (right)


Fantastic DJ Sunstroke Adventures played a great set. You can find him on Soundcloud. Look out for his International Sailor Moon Day Austin playlist!


Our amazing photographer Erika made all of us look really cute and captured all of the love and friendship going on at our party. She is talented and kind and full of interesting ideas. She also took just about every photo in this post.  Go check out her work!



Our stylish judges brought their expertise to our party.

From left to right:  Mia, Olive, and Joanna


Joanna is an authority on fashion with an eye for eclectic style and our local Austin fashion scene. She is also a stylist, writer, and photographer as well as the owner of online fashion boutique Once Bitten. You can find her at Keep Austin Stylish and visit her store Once Bitten.

Mia is a woman of many hats including (but not limited to): extraordinary cosplayer, writer, podcaster, and digital media marketing manager. You can check out her cosplay projects and find out about her other projects on her blog, xo Mia.

Olive is an admirer of Japanese fashion and is involved in the Austin Lolita Fashion community. She is also a baker at Capital City Bakery. (So basically, she’s a real life magical girl). Her cute outfits and cute cakes can be found over on her Tumblr.

Our super cool volunteers kept everything running, made sure people knew what was where, and gave some of you the bobbly headbands right off of their heads. These guys showed up early, stayed for the whole day, and busted their butts to keep things running smoothly. Thanks to Emery, Jorge, Sara, David, Brittney, Nick, Terra, Laura, Andrea, Robyn, and Taylor.



Thanks to a totally different Robyn, my best friend Robyn, who made tiara headbands for our photo booth that look better than the official merchandise. Robyn does not watch Sailor Moon but not only made the headbands, but made them and shipped them here within two weeks. Thank you, Robyn.

Thanks to Tommy, without whom International Sailor Moon Day Austin could never have booked as classy a venue as the Highball. Also for helping us put together the clip show. And also for helping us get prizes, and for being a really solid dude.

Extra thanks to Emery, without whom I (CC) would have been a victim of stress-based spontaneous combustion (and thus, never would have been able to get anything done). He is also the most wonderful person I know so thank you for that too, Emery.

Thanks to Rachel, who made our beautiful photo booth poster, helped round out the odds and ends, showed up right after an intense knee surgery like a champ, and also essentially summoned POMEmag from the deep recesses of our hearts.

Thanks to the Highball staff, who accommodated the way we moved chairs everywhere and made us look nice in the lighting.

And the obvious one: Thanks to you guys, for coming out to our party! We had a blast hanging out with all of you and hope we can do this again next year. Did you forge new friendships that will stand the test of both time and geology-based villains? Did you find true love under the moonlight in our photo shoot backdrop? We want to hear about your International Sailor Moon Day Austin experience –let us know in the comments or over on our Facebook.


CC Calanthe

CC Calanthe

If you prick your finger and write “Cat Fancy” on your mirror during a harvest moon, CC will appear behind you and make you put human clothes on your pets. CC is Head Crone in Charge at POMEgranate Magazine, as well as the co-host of Moon Podcast Power MAKE UP!!
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