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Viewing Vampyress at the Vortex

A Beautiful Bloodbath

On this, All Hallows Eve, is there anything better than reliving a phantasmal frolic of blood-soaked beauty upon a gilded stage? Oh, yeah, did I mention there aren’t any men? Vampyress, as performed by Ethos and the Vortex, ran from September 22 to October 28 and it was a seductive, rich work of over-the-top gothic lunacy. Read more.

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Double Feature: Bell Book and Candle and The Love Witch

Witchcraft, Old and New (AKA Internalized Misogyny and Loss of the Self)

Maybe the violent shared experience of womanhood hasn’t changed that much, but the narrative commentary certainly has! Read more.

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Can YOU Scare the Kids Off Your Lawn??

Crones these days get no respect

Will your cackle be enough to combat this boldness from the youths?? Read more.


QUIZ: Design Your Ideal Witch House and We’ll Tell You How You’re Going To Die

Macabre Interior Decorating At Its Finest

Every crone need a home of one's own. Take this quiz to reveal your ideal witch house, and also to learn the secrets of your eventual demise. Read more.

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Double Feature: Whip It & Bend It Like Beckham

Compulsory Heterosexuality (AKA Just Gals Bein' Pals)

So, don’t get me wrong, here. I am ALL ABOUT the power and importance of female friendship, but listen: sometimes it is genuinely more than friendship; sometimes it’s just gay. Read more.

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Happy Birthday, Commander Shepard!

A salute to my favorite fearless woman on the Citadel

Today is Commander Shepard’s birthday, but it’s also mine. For this reason, I’m paying tribute to Shepard for the best gift she’s ever given me: the ability to inhabit -- and even become a trusted, respected hero -- in a fearless female body. Read more.

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7 Reasons Why General Leia Organa is the Hero We Need (and Deserve) Right Now

She’s a general, princess, leader of the Rebel Alliance, and a fascist-fighting badass — is there a better sci-fi lady to look to in our troubling times?

Leia’s tenacity and heroism are undeniable, essential, and resonant now more than ever. Here are 7 reasons General Organa is a hero worthy enough to face the challenges of our times. Read more.

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The Lifespring Dodecagy

A Jupiter Ascending Fan Novel Series

I know I’ve been saying forever that there needs to be a twelve part sci-fi novel series dedicated to the extended universe of Jupiter Ascending, so now I’m here to give it to you. Read more.

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2016 Crones of the Year

The fictional crones who helped us power through this trash year

Before we truly stare into the abyss of 2017, we must take a moment to remember the fictional crones that guided us through a perilous and fearsome year. Read more.

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