Monstrous Advice: Baba Yaga

monstrous advice: baba yaga page 1: Jess gets ready to meet -- THE -- Baba Yaga


monstrous advice: baba yaga page 2: Jess teaches us all about Baba Yaga: her look! her chicken-legged hut! her adorable little henchmen!


monstrous advice: baba yaga page 3: baba yaga is rad as heck but also kinda terrifying



monstrous advice: baba yaga page 5: baba yaga! tell us how to live!!


monstrous advice: baba yaga page 6: baba yaga shares some grim wisdom: never willingly enter the hut of a known cannibal

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Jess Anne

Jess Anne

Jess Anne is a cartoonist from the middle of nowhere. All she wants to do is make things. Illustrations, comics, snacks, friends, potions, whatever. You can see all these things she's making at . You can also hear all of her horrible thoughts over at
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