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POMEmag Spellbook Week 2017: Foreword & Table of Contents

Sensible Witchcraft: A POMEmag Spellbook Tome

This week, we're guiding you through protective wards to shield you from creeps, spells to find things that are lost, charms to guide you in your darkest hour, and more as we post pages from Sensible Witchcraft: our auspicious magick tome. Read more.


A Practical Guide to Bewitching Baseball

Two great October flavors that taste great together.

Few sports are as uncertain as baseball, so with the postseason fast approaching, I naturally asked my wife to consult her most familiar tarot deck to see what a single card reading would say about the October outcome of her hometown favorite team, the Los Angeles Dodgers. Read more.

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Blue Apron From Hell

Step-by-step instructions for preparing the cursed meal of your nightmares

Tonight’s dish is an imbrued take on an old classic: this dredged chicken invokes powerful flavors -- and powerful forces from the very depths of hell. Read more.


QUIZ: Design Your Ideal Witch House and We’ll Tell You How You’re Going To Die

Macabre Interior Decorating At Its Finest

Every crone need a home of one's own. Take this quiz to reveal your ideal witch house, and also to learn the secrets of your eventual demise. Read more.


Crone Clickbait

Beware these digital hexes while traveling the Spectral Internet

Following these crone clickbait headlines will trap you in a digital hell dimension from which there is no escape -- and while you won't believe what happens next, you definitely won't like it. Read more.

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13 Self-Care Tips for Boss Witches & Crones

To be your best witch, self-care needs to come first. Here are 13 self-care tips for boss witches that will have you re-energized and ready for hexing. Read more.

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Announcing Boss Witch Week

How to Live Your Best Crone Life

Sweep away the cobwebs from your hearth & from your mind, coven -- it’s time for Boss Witch Week. Read more.


POMEmag Spell Book Week: Foreword & Table of Contents

Charismatic Witchcraft, Volume One: A POMEmag Spell Book Tome

We're proud to present a week of spells, charms, and even a few hexes to light your way as October draws to a close. Read more.


CroneCrate Unboxing: October 2016

We’re so #hexed to receive the October installment of our monthly honorary CroneCrate subscription! Join us for a spooky #unboxing to scope out this CroneCrate under the light of a waning supermoon. Read more.


October Witchfinder Contest

Send us crones. Win cool prizes.

Each year, wyrd and witchy Halloween merchandise finds its way into stores across the country. From fake bottles of pickled spider glands to signs cautioning the reader to beware low-flying brooms, this season is a paradise for anybody who loves decorating their home with silly, spooky junk. To celebrate, we’re holding a contest for the best goofy Witch Stuff you POMEs find while you’re out shopping. Read more.

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