New Moon Masquerade

Last week, POMEmag partnered with The Audacity to throw the New Moon Masquerade: a witchy masquerade ball at The Highball here in Austin, Texas. The New Moon Masquerade featured a fashion show, palm and tarot reading, spooky portrait art, music, and dancing. We celebrated The Audacity’s newest issue release, and the start of new beginnings on a mostly moonless night.



Some highlights from our double-coven festivities:


CC and Museum of Natural Mystery’s Emery Coolcats sold POMEmag books and masquerade masks.


The Audacity crew worked hard to make the evening extra-special.


The New Moon Masquerade featured a raffle to benefit Out Youth.


Special thanks to organizations who donated prizes to this event:



These enchanted vendors made the evening even more magical:


POMEmag’s Jenny Mott performed palmistry and read our guests’ lifelines.


Jayce Chandler read tarot, and also the stars.


Lindsey Scott created witchy portraits for our guests.


The Fashion Show

At about 10PM, we kicked off the fashion show, featuring clothing from Elle Paso. She also set up a small shop on-site where guests could purchase the great #looks from the fashion show.


Elle Paso’s fabulous setup.


Some shots from the fashion show:


All in all, the New Moon Masquerade was an opportunity for us to enjoy the company of new and old friends and infuse a bit of magic into our lives. We hope y’all had a great time, and thanks for spending an enchanted evening with us and The Audacity.


Reach out to The Audacity on Instagram to grab a copy of Issue 3!


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