Omega 4 Replay: Episode 31

In the year 2016, the human race was blessed with increasingly frequent updates about the impending release of Mass Effect: Andromeda. In the months that followed, Rachel and CC embarked on an intrepid journey to replay the original trilogy. After taking some… detours…. these two have returned to continue their voyage through the Milky Way.

The civilizations of the galaxy called it:

Reads, "The Omega 4 Replay" by Carolynn Calabrese and Rachel Weiss.

The first comic is titled "The Only Kind of '4 More Years' We're Here For.' First panel reads, "After avoiding galactic responsibility for over a year, Rachel & CC pick up their ME2 save once again." The second panel shows Sheperd stretching and yawning, with the text "LOADING" above her. In the third panel, she says "Oh! oops" and is looking back at her dead hamster and fish, as a skeleton floats in the fish tank.

The second comic is titled "A Krogan's Guide to Puberty". The first panel is Sheperd grabbing Grunt's cheeks and yelling "What's wrong with Grunt?!" In the second panel, Wrex says "Oh there's nothing wrong with him! Maybe this will help". In the last panel, Wrex is handing a pamphlet titled "READY URD-NOT! YOU'RE GROWING UP!"

The third comic is titled "Wrex, #1 Dad". It's just the "are you winning son" meme but with Wrex as the dad and Grunt as the son, and Grunt shouting and shooting a thresher maw off panel.

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CC Calanthe

CC Calanthe

If you prick your finger and write “Cat Fancy” on your mirror during a harvest moon, CC will appear behind you and make you put human clothes on your pets. CC is Head Crone in Charge at POMEgranate Magazine, as well as the co-host of Moon Podcast Power MAKE UP!!
Rachel Weiss

Rachel Weiss

Rachel is a designer and artist from Texas. She is pro-feminism, pro-crones, and pro-dogs. She's also Boss Crone at POMEgranate Magazine, and one day hopes to be able to drink her tea without so much milk and sugar.

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