Origins Week Flashback

While Origins Week is over, we will all carry the lessons we learned in our hearts as we face a new day.  If you missed any of last week’s articles, reviews, and comics, we’re here to take you back to where it all started: our Origins Week all-star lineup.



The Lineup:

In the Origins Week Breakfast Food linkpost, you can learn about the origins of a whole lot of stuff, including (but not limited to): Error reports, tampons, birth control, error reports, and Franzia boxed wine.

In what may or may not have been a big misunderstanding, reporter-on-the-ground Gabe Spookwell brings us the inside-scoop from within an Origins skincare and lotion store.

Did you know that the first secret identity-using hero was created by a lady in early 20th century England? Alicia introduces us to The Scarlet Pimpernel (and gives us a world-class fancast).

David and Vincent explore and evaluate a whole bunch of comic book origin stories in last week’s Sidekicked podcast.

Jenny brings us up-to-speed on Jason Todd, the Batfamily’s maladjusted middle child.

If you’re a fan of spoopy Halloween festivities, you should check out Caitlin’s illustration post about the story behind well-loved autumnal gourd guy Jack-o’-Lantern.

Comics artist Victoria Elliott joins CC for an especially cackle-y Codename Sailor V episode of Moon Podcast Power MAKE UP!!

Brittney reviews Chris Gavaler’s On the Origins of Superheroes, a history of superhumans from the Big Bang up to the late 1930s.

How do myth, lore, and truth intersect in Bioware’s stellar Dragon Age: Inquition? Rachel takes a close look in her Origins Week essay comic.



Well, even though we made it through Origins Week without developing any rad superpowers, we want to thank all of this week’s contributors and readers!

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CC Calanthe

CC Calanthe

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