Passive Aggressive Family Holiday Scavenger Hunt

A fun activity worksheet to get you through an awkward Thanksgiving

November 22, 2016 at 10:49 am

Looking forward to seeing your family, awkwardly fighting about politics, rustling up old beefs, and complaining around a turkey? Us too! To help you through these magical future memories, we created this Passive Aggressive Family Holiday Scavenger Hunt. The next time your mom tells you she needs a hand with something and you find yourself mowing the lawn in bitingly windy weather or your sister’s boyfriend mansplains the Electoral College, just whip out this handy worksheet to tally up your assorted Thanksgiving agonies. Bonus: it’s just as handy for Christmas!

Passive Aggressive Family Holiday Scavenger Hunt

Or download a printable PDF here! Happy Thanksgiving, POMEs!

Carolynn Calabrese

If you prick your finger and write “Cat Fancy” on your mirror during a harvest moon, CC will appear behind you and make you put human clothes on your pets. CC is Head Crone in Charge at POMEgranate Magazine, as well as the co-host of Moon Podcast Power MAKE UP!!

Rachel Weiss

Rachel is a designer and artist from Texas. She is pro-feminism, pro-crones, and pro-dogs. She's also Boss Crone at POMEgranate Magazine, and one day hopes to be able to drink her tea without so much milk and sugar.