POMEmag Séance Week

As this abysmal year perishes into the Abyss of Time, so, too, shall we all. With that in mind, everyone close your eyes and join hands because it’s Séance Week here on POMEmag. Hold on tight, because we’ll be running comics, articles, and more all focused on ghost, hauntings, and the paranormal.

…Oh, no. Do you — uh, what was that??

Was that just a tree scraping against your window, or an angry spirit clawing at our physical world, desperately trying to get in?

Well, it’s probably nothing. Right? Definitely nothing.

Absolutely, positively nothing…



Séance Week Guests & Ghosts

Our Séance Week guests will be pulling ghosts and apparitions from the air throughout this week for your entertainment. You can come back to this post to see all the spirits they summoned once they are finally revealed~~~







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