POMEmag Spell Book Week: Epilogue


Before we close the book on Spell Book Week, we’re taking one last look over the divinations and portents we shared with you this week.

And remember: if you found yourself thoroughly bewitched by last week’s spells, we have bound them into “Charismatic Witchcraft Volume One” — a handy volume over in the POMEmag Shop(pe).


Authorial Crones:











  • Is the stress of being a timeless and immortal being existing on this physical plain getting you down? Jenny Mott brought us Lavender’s Self-Care Bath —  a self-care spell to put some pep back in your cloven step!



We bid you a hauntingly satisfying All Hallows Eve and hope these spells light your way through the autumnal chill and out of this ghastly year.

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