QUIZ: How would our dads describe a picture of Cloud Strife on his motorcycle?

For some, a dad is the person who teaches you to ride a bike, negotiate a car loan, or appreciate the great prog rock bands of the late 1970s. For others, a dad is the person who gets you a mousepad featuring Cloud Strife on his motorcycle, because he knows that you, an adolescent with few friends, enjoy watching “those animes.”

In the spirit of Father’s Day, we showed our dads this picture of Cloud Strife and recorded their responses. Can you figure out how each each dad described him?



Please note: our dads’ responses are very lightly edited but make no mistake — these are their actual feelings, transcribed pretty much verbatim. All dads’ identities have been disguised to protect their identities (sort of). (Dads, you know who you are). 


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Shoutout to all the indulgent dads who have put up with dorky nonsense over the years; thanks 4 all that you do, dads.


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