Romance Roundtable #31: Bridgerton (Episodes 6-8)

Welcome to Romance Roundtable: a feature where the editorial POME Crones gather together to discuss Romance media of all kinds. Today we’re covering the final three episodes of Bridgerton Season 1: Netflix’s most delightfully indulgent new regency romance. Get ready, y’all, because we’re finally, definitely about to learn How Babby Is Formed. Also in this installment: so many bees.

Jenny: where the first bridgerton roundtable covered the gross old man arc, and the second covered the egg prince, this third bridgerton roundtable covers episodes 6-8, daphne and simon’s marriage.

Rachel: which is full of sex and also very problematic actions

Simon's housekeeper hears moaning from the hallway.
Simon and Daphne get ~intimate~ by the lake.

CC: Jenny I love the beautiful POME butt censor

Jenny: they are very horny for each other

Rachel: so happy for two people who are good at boning immediately

Ashley: GIRL okay for real
i am frankly shocked at how well daphne fucks on her first go round lololol
also let us briefly describe the butts for our readers since they can’t see them. i would call them very dignified, proper butts
nothin wild, nothin porny. just respectable

Jenny: fancy rich boy butts

Rachel: yes! the horny levels in this show are very tasteful imo
people are having a good time

Daphne's shoe dangles from her foot.

Jenny: tasteful close ups

Ashley: such class

One of Simon's servants glances sideways awkwardly.

CC: look as much as I am here for this married couple enjoying each others’s company, I do love everyone who Works Here giving them the side-eye

Ashley: this guy is SWEATING when the duke pulls daphne’s gloves off

CC: “am i….do i need to stay here??? should i go grab some smokes or????”
“am i on the clock right now or not”

Jenny: lol v much the “do i actually need to deliver that message, my lord” when they’re fighting at the dinner table and won’t direct each other directly

Ashley: HAHA

CC: look
one summer I worked at a dunkin donuts
and more than at any other job I’ve ever had
I had to deal with couple shenanigans
just like
I would be happy to sell your boyfriend these donut holes but I am not paid enough to wink suggestively at this joke

Ashley: AH hahahaha

CC: BUT that is not what is happening here, and I’m sure this is a breath of fresh air after the previous duke

Ashley: that’s actually an interesting point… i like how these episodes brought a little depth to simon’s dad. like he was an extremely shitty dad but apparently a pretty good landlord!
probably an ornery boss tho

Jenny: certainly better than the steward who tripled the rents and then fucked off

Daphne to one of the farmers, "and I thank you for bringing them to our attention."

Rachel: i mean the standards for landlords are so low

Jenny: it’s true

Ashley: BRO!!! how much time has passed, like how did he even manage to do that????

Jenny: i think anthony says somewhere that it’s been a year since his father died? and simon was raking around europe
so that plus the season i think would be a little over a year

Ashley: ahhh, okay! that makes more sense, i thought it was like a couple months
poor daphne, she really was doing her best to be like, a cool noble / landlady

Amy Poehler in Mean Girls, "I'm not a regular landlord, I'm a cool landlord"

CC: sometimes you really do just gotta pick a pig

Ashley: otherwise you end up with 30-50 feral hogs and a potential minor revolution

CC: so this housekeeper tho

Jenny: in love with the dead dutchess, i think it must be — a very rebecca situation

Ashley: YES jenny i was thinking the same
they went for that mrs. danvers flavor

CC: if they make her in love with the old duke i’m gonna be so mad
would not spark joy, no thanks

Ashley: EW no thanks

Jenny: surely not
i think she admits that the old duke was kind of an ass when she explains that simon grew up alone

Ashley: doubtful based on her being like, “look, i’m pretty sure simon’s dad was shooting blanks”

Rachel: well i can safely say that we will probably never see the hastings household again lol
if the books are anything to go by

CC: oh dang so do the books really just move on
like “you got your baby, you got your wedding, what more do you people want from me”???

Rachel: oh for sure, the bridgertons are the center of these stories
so any future stuff happens at bridgerton house in london or aubrey hall in the country
which is like, their main country home
god i hate that i know this lol

Ashley: they have a country home????? i mean of course they do lol but WHAT

CC: thank u for being our subject matter expert

Rachel: i do this for y’all (and for my mom)

Ashley: so should we talk about… the controversial scene in ep 6???

Rachel: yes definitely

CC: yeah we probably should
love to
just get into the discourse

Simon to Daphne, "What did you do?"

Rachel: so in summary, basically, Daphne kind of figures out how the birds and bees actually probably DO work

CC: at long last L O L

Daphne to her maid, "How does a woman come to be with child?"

Ashley: we have reached…. babbyform

CC: baby: formed
conceptually and also literally

Daphne, "'Cannot' and 'will not' are two entirely different things."

Rachel: and that Simon pulling out might be a purposeful thing and not a sign of his “affliction” as she assumes
this is a case where both parties are doing shitty things — Simon has lied to Daphne and misled her because he knows she’s ignorant
Daphne purposefully prevents him from pulling out to test her theory

Ashley: oh that broke my heart

Jenny: yeah he says stop and she doesn’t
it was ROUGH

Rachel: yeah it was not good

Whistledown, "can the ends ever justify such wretched means?"

CC: this whole episode just made me eternally grateful to grow up in a time where I could learn what an ovum is before my wedding night

Jenny: truly

CC: I am not excusing daphne here but man she really has no idea what this whole situation is
by this whole situation I mean for all she knows he could literally be filled with bees

Ashley: HA
“does that hurt?” “yes, because i am filled with bees”

Rachel: bzz bzz

Jenny: !!!!!!!!!!
to the bee point though!!
there’s this bee motif — on benny’s collar, but also there are bumblebees everywhere!

Benedict, with a bumblebee embroidered on his collar.

Ashley: i don’t get its significance in the show, but it’s usually understood as a symbol of royalty
napoleon really liked them

Rachel: OH WAIT
I can explain
or at least speculate

Jenny: please
i thought maybe like gossip = pollination??

CC: professor weiss pls teach us

Rachel: it’s a weird choice honestly, because the Bridgerton father was killed suddenly by an allergic reaction to a bee
and it haunts his children
specifically Anthony


Ashley: O M F GGGGGG


Jenny: FUCK




Ashley: I CAN’T OMG


Rachel: LOL y’all
yeah!!! Daphne never mentions it in her book but it is like CORE to Anthony’s long suffering

Ashley: oh good god

CC: have they ever like
mentioned that in the show????

Rachel: no i don’t think so!

Jenny: definitely no

CC: what a weird thing to tease out for future seasons

Ashley: this brings SO much more to the scene where daphne declines to collect honey from the beehive

Jenny: oh man!!! yeah!!

Rachel: TRUE

Ashley: she is pretty chill about it for her father having been murdered by one, gotta say

Jerry Seinfeld's character from A Bee Movie.

Rachel: i know in Anthony’s book, he talks about how he is terrified of bees when it comes to other people, but he like taunts them for himself

Ashley: wait rachel what do you mean he taunts them? like he tries to get in a fight with a bee and then chickens out at the last second…. ?

Rachel: LOL i mean when he sees a bee, he’s like “hey FUCK YOU bee, i DARE you to sting me” and like doesn’t back down
but when a bee stings his love interest, he FREAKS

Ashley: wow that boy really needs like, a job

Rachel: yeah and therapy
anyway, that’s my hypothesis about the bee motifs

CC: this is a bad omen for these bridgertons
bc like
as we all know….
bees are an important part of climbing the social ladder

The bee scene from Jupiter Ascending.

CC: I really feel like this bee revelation has stunned me into silence LMAO

Jenny: honestly same
the Jupiter Ascending connection fully blew my mind

CC: hashtag synergy baybee

Jenny: LOL
but uh, i guess the other thing that was going on in these episodes was Marina?

CC: omg yeah

Colin, "I have asked Miss Marina Thompson to be my wife, and she has accepted."

CC: oh man so yall wanna just spoil something right out the gate?
idk if we can talk about marina without talking about
AKA gossip crone

Whistledown, "Yours truly, Lady Whistledown."

my girl!!!

CC: yeah nailed it rachel, for real

Rachel: fwiw, they don’t reveal this until book 4
so interesting choice to reveal it so early

Jenny: i do want to poke one small hole
my question here is
how could lady “congratulations and stamina to the happy couple” whistledown be one in the same as penelope “how are babbies made” featherington??

Whistledown, "Congratulations and stamina as they embark"

CC: i mean like
i wrote a lot of fanfiction in 7th grade that had a lot of suggestive winking in it
but if you asked me what any of it meant
i would have just shrugged LOL

Jenny: LOL i mean that is A Take

CC: stamina……to stay up until 11:30pm at a sleep over
how is babby formed? from belly button, naturally
if you swallow a pumpkin seed

Jenny: stamina…to run through fields of wildflowers towards each other in slow motion

CC: stamina… stare into each others’ eyes for like ten minutes without blinking


Jenny: probably wasn’t anticipating this 3MINUTE LONG SEX MONTAGE

Ashley: i am so glad you brought this up because it was bothering me so much

Daphne to Simon, "Does that hurt?"

CC: love that they went on location to a graveyard
v mary shelley

Ashley: agree
although CC that’s a graveyard??? i thought it was a love temple!!

Jenny: gotta respect the commitment
but back to our girl Pen
she’s trying and trying to convince marina not to ensnare colin, because he is a good boy and penelope loves him and he deserves to e with someone who loves and wants him, regardless of circumstance, but marina persists because she feels it is her only option
like, penelope tries talking to colin about it

Colin to Penelope, "You really are very good. You know that?"

Jenny: and she tries talking to marina about it

Penelope to Marina, "He never denied loving you. He never denied your child."

Jenny: she even discovers that the letter that broke marina’s heart was a forgery and that the father of her child is still out there, presumably, loving her and wanting to be with her
but then

Marina to Penelope, "Your love is an unrequited fantasy."

Rachel: marina!!!!!!

Jenny: the heartbreak

Eloise embraces a sobbing Penelope in the garden.

Jenny: but even that doesn’t really do it!
even that doesn’t convince pen to betray this secret!!
it’s not until she learns of their plans to ELOPE

Colin to Marina, "Scotland. Gretna Green."


Ashley: i know this reference because of jane austen

Jenny: very same

Ashley: i think it’s like england’s niagara falls

Rachel: hahahahahahahaha
i had to google it! apparently marriage laws were not as strict in scotland and this was the first town on the other side of the border along the main road
so english couples would go off to get married in a haste

Jenny: like how you go to vegas to elope bc the paperwork is set up for that there

Ashley: precisely

CC: “gretna green: come for your marriage, stay for the slightly more efficient bureaucracy”

Jenny: but once colin finds out about this, and talks to marina, and marina tells him that she holds him in great esteem (but does not love him), he gets a little cruel imo

Colin to Marina, "If you had simply come to me and told me of your situation..."

Jenny: like, keep that shit to yourself man — she has got to feel bad enough already at this point

Rachel: yeah, although i think as a spurned/betrayed partner i would also have a hard time not leaning into some level of petty barb

Jenny: oh i mean very same

Rachel: idk it’s shitty when your life is still fine though
and hers is ruined

Jenny: def

Ashley: i mean, that’s def a bit mean and i feel SO bad for marina but like, he almost got tricked into a sham marriage
“sham” meaning he thought they were passionately in love and they’re not

CC: reddit’s greatest fear

Jenny: LOL GOD
i mean, at least marina ends up with a surprising ally in daphne

Daphne to Marina, "Why should you be left all alone to bear the punishment for his crime?"

Jenny: daphne uses her duchess clout to track down a lowly soldier

Rachel: yes!! love to see women support other women when literally no one else will

CC: surprising that daphne’s assistance was actually helpful
I fully expected it to backfire but good for you daphne!

Ashley: yeah, this was daphne’s finest moment imo

CC: got to go to that SICK mom party to gather intel too


Lady Danbury, "A special soiree with the married ladies of the ton"
Lady Danbury to Daphne, "Welcome to my den of iniquity."

Rachel: basically all the ladies who know how babby is formed

Ashley: and who have the money to make hearts or cribbage or whatever very interesting!!!

CC: to be a fly on the wall of that party tho
the hottest of hot goss
hot gos?
either way i’m so in

Ashley: honestly in terms of divided-sex social gathering we really went downhill from here to like, mary kay

Rachel: TRUE
down with mlm, up with dens of iniquity

Jenny: only a global pandemic is stopping us from bringing this back

CC: me & the gals once we’re all vaccinated

Jenny: sign me up

Rachel: plus karaoke machine

Ashley: ????

CC: SERIOUSLY the only thing this party needs is a wine mom belting out an adele song
well maybe not
seems like a mood killer

Jenny: it would work if she had a string quartet backing her
fit into the theme
old timey karaoke

CC: ooh good call

Ashley: we got the unmarried equivalent at the pre-whistledown engagement dinner


One of the Featherington daughters sings off-key.

Jenny: such a small thing but i do genuinely enjoy when they do this — where people with mediocre talents are still forced to compete/perform/show off
feels very humanizing
like, no — not everyone sang like a nightingale
we’re all just people

CC: GOD i’m glad I didn’t need to demonstrate my ability to sing in public in order to meet my spouse
and completely sober?
no thank u

Ashley: heheehehe

Jenny: DEF
that and basic sex ed
really selling me on modern times

CC: birth control that isn’t made out of sheep guts
like: we live in hell but I’m v grateful for modern convenience

Ashley: jfklads;jf;alhkgpouawrh;lrgk.adj;sklgashg;adosihgkja
i mean, plan b ALONE

CC: oh man I can’t believe we’re already nearly at the end bc I feel like so much else happened during these episodes
this isn’t to strongarm us on task, there’s just
this is just like, nearly boys over flowers level of content density here in these episodes

Ashley: honestly it’s CRAZY how much they pack into to every episode

Jenny: yeah did we mention that the soldier daphne tracks down for marina is THE WRONG ONE
the brother
because the one she wants is dead!

Ashley: to be fair, yeah, the correct one is no more

CC: second best brother

Marina, sobbing, "I thought him a villain."

Jenny: and she has to confront the part of herself that could ever have lost faith in him!
it hurts!
but the brother
he really seems to be trying to do the right thing

Marina's lover's brother, "Allow me to realize my late brother's wishes."

Rachel: ahhh this was so sad
cannot imagine falling in love, getting pregnant, your lover dying, and then marrying his brother
because you have to

Ashley: it was honestly like, shockingly generous of him

Jenny: yeah!! but i did really like the way it all brought marina and milf featherington to some mutual respect and understanding

Portia to Marina, "Perhaps even more so than me."

Jenny: like
marina is so strong!!
perhaps even moreso than her!

Marina, "I believe Madame Delacroix will be somewhat more amenable."

Jenny: marina who can sniff out the modiste’s bullshit

CC: and we know milf featherington is strong enough to hold up the girls all day!!!! so that’s saying a lot!

Jenny: it’s true!!

CC: also let the modiste live & scam rich people
good for her, i say


Jenny: def
modiste is a gem

Ashley: not her fault everyone is a classist jerk, unless you have a french accent

CC: oh hey one last thing I think we should probably talk about
while we’re on the subject of milf featherington
RIP mr. featherington

Mr. Featherington, "I was not even there."

Jenny: and good riddance!
he sucks!

Ashley: don’t hit the door on your way out!!!!

CC: the CASKET door bc ur dead!!!!

Mrs. Featherington's maid, "They are saying he is dead."

Jenny: only dislike that it complicates things for milf featherington

Rachel: and for penelope :disappointed:

CC: and cheese lad!!!

The cheese lad.

Ashley: HONESTLY i can’t believe they left us with the featherington cliffhanger but revealed whistledown?????

Jenny: i mean, maybe if they can secure cheese lad before this mysterious new inheritor comes in??
completely topsy turvy

CC: cheese lad come thru

Ashley: cheese lad is in it for the long haul, i believe in him

Jenny: i def agree that they revealed whistledown too soon
but also, like, whistledown is (supposedly) raking it in, charging for these scandal sheets
surely there could be some respite??

Ashley: she is not tho, they’re free!!!!

Rachel: oh in the book, they START free but then she starts charging
because she is savvy as hell

CC: good for her
monetize that content kid

Ashley: oh i see
freemium model, smart

Rachel: she gets them hooked and then gets those coins

Jenny: oh yeah in the first ep, they say that the first sheet is free but they charge for all the others

Ashley: OH AHA, i missed that

CC: penny, more like fat stacks of cash!!!

Ashley: LOL
those broadsheet plates don’t come cheap

Jenny: i think the only other thing that mainly happens is anthony’s relationship w big tiddie opera gf totally implodes

Anthony, "Siena, what are you doing?"
Siena, "What am I doing?"

Jenny: he tries to change her lifestyle and she dumps him bc he’s unreliable

Ashley: this storyline was utter nonsense to me

Jenny: i mean, it sounds like (from what rachel’s said?) that it’s one that they fully made up
but also, like, he makes great promises but has already let you down once; so it’s dump him or let yourself believe and be disappointed over and over again

Rachel: Yes! there’s an opera lady whose name is not Siena that is mentioned as a previous lover in book 2
so this opera lady is entirely fictional, one assumes

Ashley: yeah, totally. i mean it’s shocking to me that she even stuck around after the breakup bang in the bleachers

Anthony and Siena making out under the bleachers.

Jenny: that was a great scene though
and i do like how much she throws him around

Ashley: it was good!!! she shoulda just deleted his number after that tho

Daphne, "The viscount is ready to find and declare his intentions?"

Jenny: but now season 2 is all set up

Rachel: they better find someone who is very endearing to the audience
because Anthony as a character is hard to empathize with

Ashley: she has to have a big enough personality for the both of them

Jenny: oof yea

Rachel: i’m so curious if they’re going to give him the same belief that he’ll be dead at 38 because that’s how old his dad was when he died
or if they’re like….. that seems…. like not a real thing
new plot

Ashley: oh my GOD
can we get an F in the chat
my worst ex also had these kind of thoughts

Jenny: i kind of hope now

CC: ask not for whom the bees buzz
they buzz for u baby!!!!

Rachel: LOL
well, with that, final thoughts??
last thoughts for Bridgerton?

CC: at least until our predictions next week L O L

Jenny: i’ve got one!
i think ashley has touched on this before, but i really liked that the wedding came right in the middle of the season — so it was really like the beginning of a new arc, instead of a happily ever after, necessarily

Daphne to Simon, "I love all of you."

Jenny: bc the real season arc was building up to this moment
i’m not sure that they had actually said ‘i love you’ before this?
and it was nice to see that prioritized in the story over marriage

Rachel: i think just “i burn for you” which is not the same thing

Jenny: yea–like we get it. you’re horny
nice to have both horniness and love

Rachel: yeah!! especially in a setting where marriage is so transactional!

Jenny: and theirs especially! so separate from love with both of them thinking at their wedding that they had trapped the other

Ashley: fully agree though, it was really cool to turn the regency trope on its head and make marriage just the conclusion of the first (or second i guess) act
scratched a 200 year old itch

Jenny: yeah — felt fresh, i guess

Ashley: totally!

Rachel: agreed!
ok for my final thought

Daphne plays the piano angrily.

Rachel: i wanna know what song you are angrily playing piano to when you are mad at your SO

Ashley: oooooooooooo brilliant


Rachel: LOL
i think Torn
it is my #1 karaoke song so i gotta use it here

Ashley: mine is trouble by taylor swift and i just bang my whole arm on the keys when she goes “WOAH”




CC: ok so my final thought
was going to be something more sophisticated about how this show uses costuming and colors to alienate the featheringtons from the rest of the tonne BUT my screenshots of this turned out super low quality
my one and only final thought
lol look at this goofy face baby; i love it

The Hastings baby.

Rachel: glad that the Hastings are embracing naming their children alphabetically

Jenny: a very nice family tradition

Ashley: awwwww yes!!! i was like, oh wow they actually got a new-type baby that still looks alien!
and the naming was corny but lik,e in a good way
i got emotional with mom bridge at the birth when simon says that to her

Rachel: “new-type baby”
Ashley do you mean an infant?????

Ashley: HAHAHAAHAHA oh sure yea
i am clearly the non-babby-havingest of them all

Jenny: fresh
plucked right out of the cabbage patch
still in that baby yoda stage
that’s how you know it’s baby
if it looks like baby yoda

Ashley: precisely! important! the world needs to know that the brand-new ones are WEIRD LOOKING

Rachel: omg i think i just made the cabbage patch connection – do people say that because baby faces look all wrinkly??? like a cabbage?????


Jenny: maybe it’s that, but i think it’s mostly that they don’t want to talk about sex

Ashley: we’re peeling back so many layers of the babby formation onion
i’m just gonna nip this in the bud with my final thought, which is:
Eloise and Penelope OTP. they already changed so much of the books so LET’S DO THIS
eloise can get a special license from the queen to wear pants and then it’s ON

Jenny: god i really do just want to see it

CC: same

Rachel: sigh i hope so
we deserve this


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