Romance Roundtable #35: Our Teachers Are Dating (Volume 1)

Welcome to Romance Roundtable: a feature where the editorial POME Crones gather together to discuss Romance Manga. We return today with yet another Romance that we would actually recommend! Our Teachers Are Dating, Volume 1 by Pikachi Ohi is a deeply horned up slice of life following two Hot Teachers, who are both very cute and also in love. Brace yourself for Tender Feelings, Sexy Moments, and all the meddling students and coworkers who put in the hard work to turn romance into reality.

Ashley: Anyone want to start with a better summary than me? Because mine is just “the teachers… Are dating”
That’s it’s, that’s the plot

CC: and how!!!!
they certainly are!

Rachel: i was not prepared for there to be absolutely no build up!!
they’re just…. dating!
i thought i had maybe accidentally gotten vol 2

Jenny: oh yeah same!
like this is what i thought i’d signed up for:

Image of a high school girls' classroom, with the ambient dialog: "I heard that Hayama-sensei, the Iron Fortress, rejector of countless love confessions... finally got a girlfriend. Class 1-A will take responsibility and uncover the facts!!"

Jenny: and it was like chapter 3!!
after they’d been dating for like 3 months!

CC: every couple is different and god bless these gals for getting to a first name basis and rounding all four bases in the same day, after like 3 months of dating
unless I remembered that wrong, in which case: my bad LOL

Jenny: yeah the pacing was not great
but the payoff was Great
back to the beginning though! it opens on the day after their confession, and their coworkers can tell immediately that they’re together

Hayama and Terano address each other nervously while they're co-workers watch on.
Terano: "Oh... Hayama-sensei... um... th... thank you so much for yesterday."
Hayama: "O-oh, not at all, Terano-sensei. I should be... thanking you..."

Rachel: this was so cute!!
i have been both the person in the new relationship and the friend/coworker who is like HMMM

Jenny: oh for sure — v relatable content over here

Their coworker: "In April, when you two were assigned to be the teacher and assistant of the same homeroom... I thought you'd finally make some progress... but as soon as you started working together..."
Frustrated: "You couldn't even look each other in the eye! Or hold a proper conversation!! And you were like that...! For three years!"

Jenny: love these matchmaking coworkers
trying to get them together for THREE YEARS!!

Ashley: THREE YEARS damn that’s such a long time to pine for someone else’s relationship

Jenny: lol yeah
i gotta say that i am honestly kind of glad that the writer started us here
like, i love a slow burn but i don’t want to go through 3 years worth of pining to get to this moment

Rachel: haha that’s true, although i did find it hard to get to know the individual gals with this kind of start?

Jenny: reasonable

Rachel: like i can’t help but compare it to the manga creation yuri we read that i can’t remember the title of right now

CC: still sick!

Rachel: yeah!!

Ashley: omg rachel i did the SAME THING in my head

Rachel: like those gals were very unique and had separate things that motivated them
it was hard to get that here because they started as a unit, not as individuals

Ashley: yes. i was like, i miss Still Sick where they both have a distinct personality and like, actual conflicts

Jenny: whereas this was just hot tender fucking
a time and a place for both

Ashley: this is true. someday maybe we will have it all!!!! maybe even in further volumes of either this or Still Sick, idk

Jenny: it could happen!

Ashley: but you could describe the PE teacher’s personality as “reserved” and the biology teacher’s personality as “bubbly” and you wouldn’t really be leaving anything out

Rachel: that’s true! it is nice to have a wlw where it’s like… 2 gals fall in love and nothing bad happens, the end. it does make for sparse storytelling though haha

Jenny: love this tender slice of life
no big drama

Ashley: hahaha yes. it did feel very just like, let’s all have a nice, occasionally horny time

Jenny: everyone at work is supportive even though it seems like it might be an hr issue
like the principal!!
i love her!

Rachel: the principle!!!
the number one character i would have liked to see more of

The principal: "Those two are in the bloom of their youth... they've got to enjoy it!"
The principal: "It's so wonderful when our students and teachers find happiness."

CC: Lesbian Academy For Young Lesbians
you love to see it

Jenny: This Crone Loves Love

Ashley: Crone of the Year TOP CONTENDER

Jenny: loved her, but also, again, loved the extent to which the “plot” is just flimsy justification for cute lesbians

Ashley: Hahaha yes

Coworker: "I know! You should go on a school date! Just go on the rounds like normal, but together!"

Jenny: this “go on a date by doing your jobs securing the campus on a saturday” leads immediately into:
softest lips competition!

Terano: "But... yours... look prettier... and softer..."
Hayama: "Y-you think...? Yours seem like they'd be softer."
Terano: "No! Yours are definitely softer, Hayama-sensei!"
Hayama: "N-no way! Yours are Terano-sensei!"
Terano: "No, yours!"

Ashley: that is very Realistic
did anyone else wonder tho if the “school date” thing was like, remotely a real thing?
there was a cute author note at the back talking about how she spoke with her teacher cousin
But i was like…. Idk man sounds fake

Rachel: yes!! i did!! GO ON A REAL DATE
lol i guess i could see two people whose lives only revolve around work to be like
yes this is a normal setting for romance time
we never leave here anyway

Jenny: yeah i’m not sure that the teach cousin went on dates at work

CC: it’s like all those shows where people get married at work!!!!
cute in the show, a nightmare irl

Jenny: tbh i assumed it was just like, “i only drew these backgrounds and I don’t want to draw more” and if so — i have INFINITE respect for that

Rachel: oh true, 100%
fuck backgrounds

CC: I feel like
if you translated this into latin, it’d be this school’s motto:

Rachel: LOL YES

Jenny: it’s TRUE

CC: somebody pls translate “the stronger the GF, the stronger we become” into latin for me
it can be the official RR motto if y’all agree L O L

Rachel: YAH

Ashley: omg literally going to email my boss about this lmao
(who i think learned latin in school)

Jenny: et fortius ad GF, erit et fortior nobis facti sunt


Rachel: JENNYYYYY!!!!

Ashley: Omfggggggffff

Rachel: when we get our POME letterman jackets, we can put this on the back

CC: 100% absolutely
coming to a POME shop near you in 2022

Ashley: OH NO i need it right now!!!

CC: so speaking of yuri, specifically
what a career goal LOL

Coworker: "Yesss! I got a job as a teacher at a girls' school, just like I always wanted! I'll find lots and lots of yuri couples and cheer them on!"

Jenny: lol yes!!

CC: turning in her job application like

Jenny: lolololololololol
also re: these coworkers

Coworker 2 with her arms around Coworker 1.
Coworker 1: "It's just... the closer they worked, the more they drew apart, despite starting out so friendly... it's sad, isn't it? I just want them to get closer. In fact, I'm dying for them to get closer."
Coworker 1: "I'm staying over at Bandou-sensei's place!"

CC: good for them
that stable couple that loves to matchmake others

Jenny: love this author

Ashley: i mean, extremely relatable
i am always trying to do this but i suck at it

side note: I have only set people up who already liked each other by saying YALL SHOULD DATE at the end of a party


CC: 50% of the time it works every time (do not tell me about your secret crush)

Ashley: i mean, i’m happy to give you the credit on that

Jenny: almost certainly resulted in exactly this scene:

Terano at home, in jammies, happily rolling around: "I got to kiss Hayama-sensei!"

Jenny: but also i feel like so far all my screenshots have just been the cute parts

Ashley: omg there are so many cute parts tho! this one is the cutest

Jenny: but this manga does NOT SKIMP on the actually kissing!
case in point:

Terano cuddling up to Hayama: "So... I want to make you super relaxed..."
They kiss!!!

Jenny: jason derulo sax solo^

A gif of a skeleton playing the saxophone.

CC: open mouth kissing in this book!!! and more!!!
I assume we’re not showing some of the spicy hashtag content here but I was v surprised

Ashley: At least 3 chili pepper spice level!!!

CC: ok so before we wade into the spicy content in the most SFW way we can
I just am dying to ask
how old do y’all think these two are
bc I’m just gonna go out on a limb and say…………22

Rachel: i think early twenties for sure

Jenny: i’m going 27

CC: I mean this is my take: you have to be pretty early into your 20s to say stuff like this:

Terano: "Right now... we're learning how to be young at heart."

Ashley: lolololol
yes, there was a very Baby’s First Adult Romance vibe about all of this

Jenny: say they get out of college at 22 and get these jobs right away. there still had to be enough time for them to meet, pine after each other, and then be assigned teacher and assistant of the same homeroom 3 years ago


Rachel: oh TRUE
i forgot about the three years of pining!!

CC: ok i’m gonna say oldest possible age imo is 25
at 25 you can still live laugh love your way through 3 years of pining

Jenny: i think maybe the pe teacher is 25, but the bio teacher is 26 or 27

Ashley: jenny coming through with the math as usual

Jenny: math and latin – my two best subjects in highschool
(not true)

CC: late 20s you don’t have time for 3 years of pining. you have too many weird shoulder pains that remind you of your own mortality by late 20s imo
that may just be me tho i pined through my whole 20s and don’t event want to stand in a long line at the ripe old age of 32 LOL

Ashley: i mean, i was doing hit and runs by 22 but i was already full crone jaded at that point lol
before tinder even!!!!! old at heart and just, actually old

Jenny: kids today know how to play the game!

All of Hayama's students giving her a hard time because she hasn't said "I love you" to Terano.

Jenny: the youths!

Ashley: so emotionally intelligent!!

Jenny: they have the energy for thinking three months definitely means you’ve said “i love you”

CC: this lesbian school has AP classes in emotional intelligence

Jenny: LOL yes

Rachel: i mean i wish i had had that!
and i wish all the boys i’ve ever dated had had that!

CC: truly: i am paying for it now (in therapy)

Jenny: would’ve been WAY more useful than theology class

CC: public schools come thru!!!!!
I do LOVE that these gals are at this stage after consummating their relationship
after reading this page I shook my spouse’s hand and told him i would do my best to make him happy. he nodded very supportively.

Hayama and Terano shaking hands: "I'll do my best to make you happy!"

Jenny: lol no i think that was a flashback to the night before chapter 1


Rachel: ahahahahahahahahah


Jenny: i mean — always nice to do your best to make your SO happy
but yeah i think this was a flashback confession scene

Rachel: yeah! this is like right after they agree to date

CC: OKAY BUT STILL, I DO love that the confession included a handshake!!!!!

Jenny: SAME — it’s a partnership! an agreement!

Ashley: Yeah, it was a flashback. but also just like, shaking hands after agreeing to one (1) date SO VERY SAPPHIC

Rachel: i like that it’s also not the kind of game that a lot of (straight) couples do where it’s like “I LIKE THIS PERSON SO MUCH BUT I CAN’T LET THEM KNOW”
instead they’re just like, “i want you to be happy! i want to be the person who makes you happy!”
what a good way to start off a relationship imo

Jenny: SO NICE!!

Hayama, smoothly: "If it's not a bother... I'd like to... spend a little... more time together."
Suddenly nervous: "B-but if you're tired, I'll just go!!"

Jenny: anticipating boundaries
i love to see it
going to be forward but also going to give you an out

CC: love to give and have an out!

Jenny: re: these gals not having super distinct personalities, i think one of the things i liked about the pe teacher (moving in the direction of having a distinct personality) is that, y’know, everyone is complicated and sometimes contradictory

Terano: "I like both! Both Hayama Asuka-sensei... the cool teacher... and Hayama Asuka-san... who's cute when no one's looking."

Ashley: i am coming on to you Respectfully

Jenny: YES!
and we see her do this a lot where she’ll be cool but also cute and shy!
i don’t have much of a point beyond: it’s cute and i like it

Rachel: it’s really lovely!!

Ashley: hahahaha this is fair
also someone who is good with animals is automatically a babe

Jenny: this is true
i kind of want to do a brief plot summary, insofar as we can when each section is really just a flimsy excuse for tender moments
but the first section is about their first “date” — walking around school on a saturday, securing the perimeter or whatever
the second was saying “i love you” and had a classic mixup with a student

CC: what a goofy plot contrivance lol

Jenny: and the third section was chaperoning an overnight field trip and going up to the location a day early so they can fuck
in the second section, when the young lesbain students are demonstrating their AP EQ
they all rush to show the pe teacher candid photos of the bio teacher that all the students just seem to HAVE
so that the pe teacher can practice saying “i love you” to the photos
and then the ONLY man in the whole book shows up — and old guy, maybe a donor to the school
and he asks the bio teacher if the pe teacher’s homeroom is putting on a play!
truly absurd!
but all for this one moment:

Terano: "So, you don't need to ask. You can always come see me, if you like. You can say what you want to me... or do what you want to me... it's always open for you."

Jenny: in the custodial closet

Rachel: this is the closest to conflict they get!!
but it resolves very sweetly

CC: good for them honestly

Jenny: that’s truly what i felt throughout this reading experience
just: good for them
when they go up early to fuck before the field trip
good for them

Caption: "The two of them... went out to do their actual jobs as teachers... but they took time to enjoy themselves that night and the next morning."

Jenny: enjoying themselves that night and the next morning ????

Ashley: omg that was the tensest chapter
like they were being so sweet but also… will it happen? actual sex????

Jenny: after three (off screen) years of pining!!

CC: god, three years of pining
i’m tired just thinking about it

Ashley: honestly… so powerful… the vibes…

Rachel: it feels like a very sapphic thing to do also haha

Ashley: lolol yes seriously

CC: ok yall if you are ready, I have a big question for y’all as my final thought
(but if not, like the main character, happy to give you an out & keep discussing LOL)

Rachel: i’m ready!

Jenny: same!

CC: ok mine is:
did they ever say why she couldn’t fall in love & have powerful gf in her youth?

Hayama: "All my classmates from when I was growing up fell in love... chased their dreams... shone..."
Hayama: "I thought I could never act like a student... like a carefree kid... ever again."

CC: or is this just eternally that thing where people in their early 20s lament getting old?????

Jenny: ooh i want to say there was something from the beginning about her parents? but idk honestly
i’ve got no hard evidence

Ashley: yeah, i got the sense that she had really strict parents

Rachel: yeah that’s the vibe i got as well!
like she talks about being “on rails”
and doing what was expected of her

Ashley: yeah exactly

Rachel: which presumably doesn’t include wlw romance

Ashley: Lol

CC: I mean but
at Yuri High?

Rachel: LOL true!!

Ashley: HAHAHA

CC: look until proven otherwise i refuse to believe anybody in this world is not a lesbian
that grandpa who lives for drama and stirred up all the tension in the book included
the world of this book, to be clear

Ashley: HA
No for sure this is a lesbian fantasy bubble world and i love it

Rachel: i support this
ok i’m going to come in here with my final thought
which is, that while this book was cute and nice, it did two of my least favorite art things

The teachers are kissing but their clasped hands are like.... 1/3 the size of their face.

Rachel: SO TINY

Jenny: the opposite of yaoi hands?
yuri hands?

Rachel: lol YES
look i know hands are tough but it is important that they are proportionate
those hands couldn’t even grab a tit if they wanted to!!
little baby hands!


Rachel: ok number 2

That terrible manga/anime thing where the mouth in profile doesn't meet the edge of the face!!

this is the gravest of manga sins

Ashley: ahhhhaaaahahaha
when u are trying to kiss but ur mouth just slips over

Rachel: LOL

Jenny: lolololol

Ashley: this is how we know it’s the Lesbian Matrix
by the mouth glitch

Rachel: hhaahahaha
other than these two things, the art was very cute
and it didn’t have any weird font things going on, which i always appreciate

CC: 0% papyrus!
a harder feat than you’d think!

Ashley: Women Lettering their Ws



Jenny: i mean, i know that we didn’t really show here just how sexy this book gets but
my final thought it really just a congrats to this artist

The artist's rendition of herself: "I want to draw some sexy adult yuri..."

Jenny: nailed it

Ashley: she really manifested this for herself

Jenny: love this for her love this for us

Rachel: yeah as much as i drag on the hands and mouths
the attention to detail in the LINGERIE is [chef’s kiss]

Ashley: omg okay that is leading me to my final thought tho
which is…
when did front clasp bras become a Horny thing???

Hayama looking at Terano's bra, thinking: "A front hook..."

Ashley: i have only one adult woman real bra, and it is front clasp for COMFORT and is like the least sexy thing on the planet
for special occasion femme dresses (aka weddings) only

CC: I thought the point of the front clasp was ease of unclasping!

Jenny: i mean, agree: i also assumed that the point of a front clasp was so the person taking it off of you could see what they’re doing
but honestly the only front close bras i’ve ever seen are like industrial strength sports bras

Rachel: hmm i mean i see the appeal!! easier boob access!
worth investigating for sure, hopefully more spicy comics can answer this for us

Jenny: yes! tell us what’s cool and hot, romance manga
we are crones and we need to know

Rachel: it’s for… science

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