Romance Roundtable #36: Boss Wife (Volume 1)

Welcome to Romance Roundtable: a feature where the editorial POME Crones gather together to discuss Romance Manga. Today we’re covering volume 1 of Boss Wife by Mayu Sakurai, a book that really has it all — love!! romance!! intrigue!! jokes!! and even #looks!! Plus, this book has an added bonus for fans of the Yakuza video game franchise: a few possible top shelf deep cuts.

CC: I will be reading vol 2 regardless but if y’all are interested in covering it in RR lmk bc I LOOOOOVED this book

Jenny: i’d be down but mostly bc this was like max hornt and that’s always fun

Rachel: haha same honestly!
i thought the book was just ok but i enjoyed how sexy it was

Jenny: same

CC: for the folks @ home: there is one panel in this book that summarizes the whole premise even better than we could

A shot of Kujo drying off after a shower, naked, showing off his back tattoo. His butt is conveniently covered by the following caption: "The Kujo-San I had feelings for when we were still in high school, grew up and became the lieutenant of a crime syndicate."

Jenny: i think i’m only lukewarm on this one is probably the fault of my own expectations tbh
it’s called BOSS WIFE
but it’s

Mio looking nervous: "Meaning that I would become the wife of a yakuza member...?"

Jenny: and not that the wife is the boss
but i DO love a get married first, learn to love later

A shot of Kujo's back tattoo.
"Kujo-san was a boy I fell in love with while I was still in high school. Now, he's a member of the yakuza... and he's asked me to marry him so that he can succeed the organization."

CC: Boss 10 Day Fiance

Jenny: LOL yes

CC: look, LOOK ok
my partner has been just barreling through all the Yakuza games and spectating them these past several months made this book even more fun for me
i am convinced this artists was a big Yakuza fan who was just like, but what if these games were……….
Yakuza but the wife guy protag actually gets a wife

Jenny: oh bless

Rachel: good for him!!!

CC: i love this for him and also for me

Kujo, cry/yelling: "Argh! God!! I'm gonna make you the happiest woman alive!"

Jenny: big THIS energy
loved that for sure

CC: ok the one and only Yakuza video game deep cut
that i will insert tonight, I Promise
is this

"My company focuses on real estate, but I also am going to be turning my attention toward construction in the future."
An ad from the Yakuza game advertising a construction company.
"Join the Team!"
"We Build Shit!"
"Now hiring buff dudes and tough guys!"

CC: i am pretty sure this is a reference

Rachel: LOL

Jenny: i love it if so

CC: bc in Yakuza 0, the protag runs a real estate company and in Yakuza Kiwami 2, he co-runs a construction company
deep cut
i love it

Jenny: now hiring buff dudes and tough guys! i love it!!

CC: the yakuza franchise is a loosely themed collection of excellent minigames with high drama running between them, 10/10 A++ would recommend watching someone else play them, but ANYway
wife guy boss
very good, very wholesome, i would die for both of these goofballs in love
you know i love that #goingsteady content and what could be more Going Steady than a married couple striving together towards their goals

Rachel: yeah!! i mean i love that this wasn’t a like, first time love kind of deal
two adults who have a history rekindle their love (and PASSION) for each other
you love to see it

CC: and you definitely get to see it

Jenny: a married couple actively communicating!
oh lol yes
he love-a to suck-a da tiddy

Rachel: lol yes i feel like this comic went out of it’s way let us know that Yamato is a boob man

Jenny: there were definitely points where i felt like

Kujo's sister walks in on them getting sexy. Mio shrieks.
"Why the hell did you stop??? Keep going, you two..."


Jenny: is this us?
are the readers voyeurs at this point?

CC: just two wholesome newlyweds going to the bone zone at least once a chapter
good for them

Jenny: i mean yeah it was v good

CC: I was surprised by how good all the gags in this book are
it isn’t Way of The Househusband: The Prequel, which I appreciated — I liked that it is a very sincerely told love story with an interesting premise
but the Jokes

Kujo is wearing sunglasses, an oversized leopard shirt, and plaid pants. Mio is not amused.

Rachel: LOL yes i have this same screenshot!!

Mio: "When you and I are together, no more doing things that come across as yakuza-esque!"
Kujo: "Yakuza-esque?"
Mio: "Things like dressing like a drunk toddler or threatening to gut people!"
Kujo: "Does my fashion sense really have something to do with this...?"

Rachel: dressing like a drunk toddler

CC: also

Mio, topless and introducing herself to Kujo's sister: "M-my name is Mio Hasumi!"
Mio, turning to star daggers at Kujo.

CC: just fun and silly

Rachel: honestly the faces they gave to Mio are just top tier

Mio looks at Kujo's employee, horrified as Kujo smooches on her.

i loved this one

Jenny: lol another good one right off the bat — when they bump into each other for the first time in years, admit they used to have crushes on each other back in high school, to go a hotel to fuck, and then he shows her his tattoo…

The door creaks open as Kujo realizes that Mio has left him in the middle of his monologue.

Jenny: and she’s immediately on the bus home, googling
“what to do if your crush is in the yakuza”

Rachel: HAHA yeah i had to reread this part several times because it was actually a little jarring!!
that is one complaint i have about this book
some of the transitions were a little tough to follow

CC: i think i just got swept up lol
i think the original tweet got deleted
but all throughout the book i just thought of this tweet

CC: the video of the person running away from the mandalorian in a sexy way
but like
me running away from my yakuza boss first love who wants to love & support me 4 the rest of our days

Rachel: HAHAHAHAH yesssss

CC: me, a broke ass artist, running away from my hot yakuza first love [for 5 mins before deciding to come back and get married]

Rachel: ok so the artist thing!! i wanted to talk about that
i wish there had been more of it
like it’s a driving factor for her but then as soon as they get married, it’s not a thing anymore
oh wait rewind rewind
we haven’t done a proper recap!

CC: yeah i guess that butt screencap leaves a lot out hahahaha

Jenny: right! so, they’ve bumped into each other on the street, almost hooked up, but she ran away bc he’s in the yakuza; unrelated, she quit her job at a trading company (?) to pursue her dream of making a living as an illustrator, then her mom died, her dad racked up a lot of debt and skipped town, so now she’s being hounded by gangster loan sharks

Kujo: "Something's happened and I need a wife right now. If you accept this offer, then I will be the one to assume responsibility of your debt."

CC: oh yeah and he can’t technically inherit leadership of his family’s yakuza clan unless he has a family of his own, and he wants to inherit in order to turn them all legit

Jenny: v noble

CC: the main thing i didn’t really understand, going back to your point about the transitions Rachel, is the story behind why he got the tattoo
since they say the current leader?? [his dad] did away with the tattoo policy but had him get one as a lesson for going behind his back to look out for their dudes? or? something??

Jenny: i think it was like he had to convince his dad to get rid of the tattoo policy (and that it was a hard argument to win) because it made re-entry into non-crime society too hard; so it was reserved as a severe punishment?
and when one of the main guy’s henchmen messed up a job, our boy stepped in to receive the punishment in his place, bc he didn’t want his goon to worry about finding another job later in life?
idk i’m not 100% on that though

CC: ooooh that makes sense

Rachel: that’s how i read it too!
mostly (and i fully support this) i get the vibe that the artist wanted to draw some sexy back
and the tattoo is an excellent excuse to do so

CC: truly
definitely got a lot of mileage out of that back tattoo
ok but i do wanna get back to what you were saying about the art rachel
did you mean that
this was not enough for you??

A very cute hand-drawn giraffe that Mio has drawn for Kujo's construction company.

Rachel: ok this was cute and very good
it’s just the last time her art is ever a focus for the rest of the book!

CC: yeah i mean it is v goofy but also the sole time she gets to do art things in the whole book!!!
i am very intrigued by the idea of Mio taking commissions within ~~ the family ~~ LOL

Jenny: love the idea of the sister asking for sexy art

Rachel: like the whole reason she decides to go along with the marriage is because 1) he’s hot, 2) the extreme validation of the person who rejected you in high school coming begging, and 3) to work with him to live a “normal” life which meant financial stability as an illustrator

CC: an ill advised but powerful trio

Jenny: i mean: good and valid points all
i stand by it

Rachel: yes i mean it is really working out for her so far!! lol
except the last part, i guess
which is my beef

Jenny: yeah well maybe that’s why we have to do volume 2
maybe there’s more illustrator content in there
this was so much homewares shopping and cooking adventures

Rachel: i want to see more of this giraffe mascot

CC: i will bet y’all $5 that they make a giraffe mascot costume and one of the goons will need to wear it


Jenny: i would be a fool to take that bet — that is absolutely happening
i need it to

Rachel: i mean, instead of final thoughts
i would love to hear y’alls predictions for book 2

Jenny: besides more fucking

CC: i mean that’s a given

Jenny: i think something dramatic with the brother-in-law — maybe a tense dinner? with swords?

CC: oh yeah i think a climactic fight scene is a good bet

Rachel: makes sense!! interested to learn more about the beef those two have

Jenny: perhaps over beef

Rachel: waggles eyebrows

CC: i have a deep cut prediction

Jenny: yes

CC: i predict that after this fight, the brother-in-law will get punched until he is not evil (or at least vaguely unsavory) anymore and will become a good husband

Jenny: oh! i would love to see it

CC: if the yakuza video games have taught me anything — sorry for breaking my promise y’all — that has to happen or the story can’t end
if you get punched enough you just become good

Rachel: oh dang, a good life lesson!!
nobody mentioned that in my krav classes

CC: maybe it only works if you get the full back tattoo
again, video game logic, probably like eating meat you find on the ground to regain HP
i guess we never know until we try!

Rachel: hahahahaha
ok i have 2 predictions
we see a butt and not just titty

CC: ooooh i like ur big brain on that one

Rachel: 2. Mio starts drawing a slice of life comic about a yakuza wife guy and it’s what kickstarts her illustration career
Mio… draws Way of the House Husband

Jenny: OH!!! I LOVE IT!!!

full circle
i love it
i DO think that this story feels like a way of the househusband prequel at times
isn’t the wife in that one named like

Rachel: HMMMM


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