Shopping with the Senshi: Part 1

We’ve all been there: you’re shopping for outfits you won’t wear to special events that aren’t happening, when you start faving looks that aren’t even for you. You think, “oh my God, you know who would absolutely wear this vintage YSL blazer? Fictional character and my imaginary best friend, Sailor Mars!” And thus, Shopping with the Senshi was born, aka: What if Sailor Moon characters had online luxury consignment? And no – this is not a sponsored post, but hey The RealReal, call us.

Usagi Picknicking with Mamo, Chibi-usa, and Hotaru

Usagi: Valentino Crop Top, Goop G Label Midi-Length Skirt, Denim, Bob Mackie embroidered evening jacket

Our main girl, future Queen Space Mom of the Universe, is not going to waste an opportunity to live her ideal family outing daydreams. Perfectly balancing spicy and sweet, she opts for a crop top to show a little skin, paired with a high-waisted denim skirt and an elegant embroidered jacket to keep things comfy and homey.

Mamo: Valentino shirt, Dior pink cashmere pants

Mamoru may not broadcast his own stay-at-home dad fantasies as openly as Usagi, but he’s just as willing to dress the part. In a Valentino shirt to match Usagi’s own top, Mamo embraces his romantic side and offers a classic wink at his Tuxedo Mask persona with muted pink and florals. Perfect French tuck, Mamo!

Chibi-Usa: Fluffy top, floral shorts

Though she may enjoy pushing Usagi’s buttons, Chibi-Usa longs for her picture-perfect but loving family unit just as much as the next time-traveling semi-orphaned pre-teen. She puts on her best behavior and her best foot forward with an ensemble that ties the trio together visually, emulating both Mamo’s soft romantic shapes and hues, as well as Usagi’s embroidered details and family-friendly-flirty vibe.

Hotaru: mustard jumpsuit

Hotaru may not get out much, but she doesn’t skimp on a look. She thoughtfully opts for a slightly androgynous silhouette to complement Chibi-Usa’s frilly femme aesthetic. Though she still maintains her preference for a bit of an old-fashioned shape, she does ditch her usual goth blacks for a warm, golden shade that sets off her violet eyes beautifully. She doesn’t admit to herself that she was hoping Chibi-Usa would notice, until she receives effusive praise from her dearest… “friend.”

If you liked this round of Shopping with the Senshi, keep your eyes peeled: we have some more fresh looks planned for the rest of the squad soon! đź‘€

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Ashley Gallagher

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