Shopping with the Senshi: Part 2

Picture a summer afternoon, at the Juban district’s hottest new touring international museum exhibit. Later they will end up in a fight with an art-defacing enemy daemon: but for now, the Senshi are just meeting up before their dates with… whom??? Each other? Some other attractive human people? You will have to decide, because we don’t have a real episode of Sailor Moon to tell us! This is Shopping with the Senshi, where Rachel unleashes my online luxury consignment wishlists onto our favorite fashion-forward magical girls.

Museum date with Mina, Rei, Ami, and Makoto

Minako: High rise jeans, YSL backpack, Equipment silk button-up

The person she’s meeting up with is madly in love with her, but Mina is here for serious business: a selfie competition. She finds the perfect balance between iconic fashion accessorizing, a laid-back vintage silhouette, and a sassy little shoulder cutout. Her signature red bow adds the perfect accent and a girlish touch to the color-blocky look.

Rei: Oscar de La Renta Scoop Neck Jumpsuit in Coral

Insists this is not a date. Wears her “I’m too cool for you which doesn’t even matter because we’re not on a date” power jumpsuit. Becomes visibly irritated with her date’s lack of comely date behavior.

Ami: Rosie Assoulin ruffle top, Ganni floral print straight leg pants

The queen of rocking a flirty frill, like a Botticelli muse, rising out of the sea foam! (Wait, wrong planet…) The perfectly matching tablet is a feature, not a bug, of Ami’s dating strategy: proving her ardor by learning everything there is to know about your interests.

Makoto: Comme des Garcons Striped Long Sleeve Button-Up Top, Valentino 1990’s straight leg pants

Maybe it’s a bit on the nose, but can you deny that Makoto and this Comme des Garçons top were made for each other? Truly blessed with the luck of Jupiter, few can make a subtly deliberate ensemble look so effortlessly casual. No doubt the more baroque touches of Mako’s style shine in the packed lunch that’s guaranteed to be cute AND delicious. Does her date even know how good their day is about to get?

If you liked this extremely 90’s inspired edition of Shopping with the Senshi, get ready: we have some extra-special ensembles planned for the next installment! 🪐🤭

Rachel Weiss

Rachel Weiss

Rachel is a designer and artist from Texas. She is pro-feminism, pro-crones, and pro-dogs. She's also Boss Crone at POMEgranate Magazine, and one day hopes to be able to drink her tea without so much milk and sugar.
Ashley Gallagher

Ashley Gallagher

Ashley writes comics and emails from zir burrow in the Pacific Northwest. Ze is a sentient subtropical swamp fern whose favorite food is old words.
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