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Sidekicked Issue #98 – There’s No “I” in Team-up

Vincent and David wrap up Sidekicked Vol. 2 with their favorite team-ups. Read more.

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Sidekicked Issue #97 – Let’s Switch Things Up

Is Nintendo the right Switch for gamers?

Nintendo's latest entertainment system has released and has been an immediate commercial success. But a commercial success does not always mean a successful launch. Although many gamers have found Nintendo's new system to be a joy to play, they have also found that it is riddled with manufacturing flaws. What are these flaws and how do the boys of Sidekicked feel about them? Find out of Nintendo is worth the switch if you have an Xbox or PlayStation. Read more.

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Sidekicked Issue #96 – Old Logan, New Tricks

Is Logan's healing factor working on movie franchises now, too? Read more.

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Sidekicked Issue #95 – Are the Academy Awards a bunch of Jokers?

Say what you will about the film, but Suicide Squad has joined the movie elites. Is Suicide Squad's victory of an Academy Award a statement of the movie's quality, or is it actually a statement about the award's quality? Vincent and David roll out the Red (Robin) carpet for this week's edition of Sidekicked. Read more.

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Sidekicked Issue #94 – Teenage Science Ninja Turtles

The Ninja Turtles have always been multi-dimensional characters, and their best dimension might be Dimension X Read more.

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Sidekicked Issue #93 – Lego my Batman

Is Lego Batman the hero we deserve? Or is he just the Batman we need right now? Read more.

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Sidekicked Issue #91 – Let’s Switch things up

Is Nintendo's new game system a revolution or a gimmick ? Read more.

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Sidekicked Issue #90 – Fatal Females

Sometimes it's good to be bad, and we're talking about the baddest women in comics. Read more.

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