Snow Cone Stand

Kick up your feet, POMEs, because it’s The Beach Episode and we’ve got all the time in the world to hang out and swap stories over snow cones as the waves gently lap the shore and we irradiate ourselves due to forgetting our sunscreen at home. Look, just because we’re all probably trapped in overly-air conditioned prisons to combat the extreme heat surrounding us doesn’t mean that our hearts can’t take to the seas. With that in mind, here is a Very Special Beach Episode Afternoon Snack.



Here are some Beach City jams to get you in the Beach Episode mood.




Palaeoplushies are prehistoric marine friends to take with you on your next oceanside adventure. Pliosaurus and Tiktaalik are just waiting for your love and care.




The Toast is sailing off into the sunset but you can still take 2 the seas with these limited edition Toast totes. Note: we are not sponsored by The Toast or anything, we just love them and think they deserve your money.


Link Roundup!



SIDE NOTE: Apparently the new Mass Effect Andromeda protagonist is by default a female character. There will probably be…beaches…in the Andromeda galaxy? Shhh, just take this Mass Effect news, okay?



The Mists of Avalon is the ultimate beach read & CC will use any excuse to link to this review so you’re welcome, POMEs.



Thin-strapped summer dress, mine enemy. We meet again.



Speaking of The Toast, Nicole would like to apply for these Charming Beach Town jobs and so would we.


Positions I Am Ready to Fill in Your Charming Beach Town



A beach episode without Feels is no beach episode at all, so here are one woman’s time-travelling messages to her past self via Facebook Memories On This Day notifications. You never know who is going to grow up to be a minor blip on your radar, and who is going on to bigger and brighter things, like performing in Hamilton.



Well, POMEs, we hope you get some sun, even if the sun is just a sad fluorescent light you’re staring at too hard. Happy summer solstice!

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